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Not for me 😔

A clever idea, cleverly written, unfortunately unravels due to a lack of familiar characters or emotions.

The first thing that poked my interest as I started reading this novelette is its language: it is a playful, witty one, full of pop culture references, wordplays and quirky humour. The second was how short it is, without chapters or any sort of pause to interrupt the flow of the narrative. Yet, it was not an easy read.


I understand and respect what the author is attempting to achieve: to put on paper the experience of a dream, as uncensored as possible, with all the surreal, larger than life inconsistencies, time jumps, heroisms, and adventures. And not just anyone's dream, but the long, extraordinary one of a man in hyper-sleep on a traveling spaceship, where he either wakes up or dreams of waking up to discover a loss of memory, a few moody AIs, and an array of disturbing malfunctions.


This is quite a lofty goal for this story, perfectly supported by its perky language and tight length. The problem is however that dreams are not devoid of feelings, emotions, or unquestionably human characters. On the contrary, the latter exist in dreams as amplified and exhilarating as everything else, but always so terribly familiar that they anchor the dreamer to the dream without a fight. Alas, “Miri” lacks any such recognisably human imperfections/qualities.


We get to know virtually nothing about Moe's, (or anyone else's), beliefs, thoughts, motives, shortcomings, feelings, hopes and passions: his so-called soul. Only his actions and reactions during an uncanny course of events are disclosed to us. Thus, he remains unknowable, alien, inhuman even, to the end. There is nothing about him to hook the reader/dreamer to this story, to make her invest in and care about what happens to Moe, his adventures, and the people he encounters in his, interrupted or not, dreams.

In the end the dreamer has no control on when to exit the dream. The reader however, has. And I am afraid she is going to take it very soon into "Miri", even if it is such a short story.


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Published on February 11, 2019

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