#Mindset..A Mindset of Change


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Changing the trajectory of your life starts by changing your #mindset!

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If you take anything away from this book, it’s that you are the one with the power to vanquish the negative voices screeching for your attention. Author, Derron Rowan, does an exceptional job of exposing the thought patterns that we experience in our everyday lives and offering a fresh perspective to the #mindset we should adopt instead. Rowan takes an honest and therapeutic approach to tackling the harshness of life and the hope we have for the future. In his vulnerable musings, Rowan pens a thought-provoking and relatable work. If, like so many of us, the year 2020 has gotten the better of you, this book is the encouraging friend you need to remind you that life doesn’t have to keep you down. You do not have to feel like an imposter in your own life! It’s that very same thought pattern that tears down your self-esteem one piece at a time. It is within your power to rise up and step into the light and build yourself into the person you dream of being.


This book may not strike you with anything new in the realm of motivation, but what it brings to the table is a unique relatability. Where eloquence stands to lose an audience, the intimacy that Rowan captures in relating his personal life experiences, meets you right in your seat and shakes you awake. Live! The greatest lesson you can learn from #Mindset, sit that there are seasons where we may need to gather our tribe around us and recalibrate, but we must know that a season does not last forever, but is intended for transition. Winter will end, and spring will begin again and Rowan gives us a few mindset shifts that will help us prepare for the transition ahead. Prepare for the future by setting your goals and taking stock now. “We have the power to auto-correct negativity into positivity, anxiety into calm, mistakes into new beginnings, and fears into courage”.


Rest now, because your future is bright, all you need is a #mindset shift!

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My name is Derron, I am the Author of #Mindset..A mindset of Change. I wrote this manuscript to encourage, inspire, and uplift others as we go through seasons in our lives. The book is transparent of failures, but uplifting to overcome. I say, see it, believe it, become it. view profile

Published on October 15, 2020

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