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MEETING MY MAKER: The Universal Mind and Reincarnation


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A book for the open-minded where an alternative view of our universe and the argument for reincarnation is proposed with scientific support

I am always intrigued by theories about creation, our existence, its meaning, if any, and how this inevitably links to religion. Although they are controversial topics, they should be, like all things, subject to scrutiny and review and Michael Tewell's book sets out to propose his beliefs surrounding The Universal Mind with a means to persuade you to his way of thinking, and he is very earnest in this.

Do not be put off by believing this to be a madcap theory randomly manufactured based on one man's ideas as Tewell provides a wealth of information and sources, all cited to endorse his view of life, reincarnation and the universe as we know it. And let's face it - there is an awful lot that we don't understand, that we are just beginning to explore and that we are starting to get to grips with scientifically and Tewell uses modern papers as well as renowned figures in quantum physics like Einstein to provide weight to his argument.

There is no doubt that Tewell's beliefs will be perceived as a little "out there" and so, this book needs to be approached with an open mind to fully appreciate it. Some of the scientific discussions about protons and quantum entangling taxed my brain somewhat and he makes his best attempts to simplify and reiterate, for which I was grateful. However, there were times where I struggled, although it may say more about me than it does Tewell's book.

I liked the parts very much where he discussed candidly his own life experiences and the chapter on Buddhism I found, appropriately, enlightening. The Universal Mind Principles, in particular, set out a complete attitude for an approach to life that I can fully comprehend and makes sense. For those of a staunch Christian outlook, this book may pose a challenge - I did not find anything offensive here, but I think that other readers of a less tolerant disposition would have their hackles raised. In fact, I enjoyed the discussion proposed in the main.

It is interesting and thoughtfully researched and relayed in steps, to Tewell's credit, and he has made a lot of effort to make his views accessible. It will be interesting too, as more and more is revealed about our universe from our exploration of it, to see if The Universal Mind idea gains credence and expansion as existence theory.

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Published on June 15, 2022

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