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MASHED MYTHS: Greek Heroes


Loved it! 😍

An entertaining journey for young and old kids, which offers an interesting spin on Greek mythology.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short humorist book which offers a hilarious new reading of the classical Greek myths. "Mashed Myths" is the perfect book for a child who's getting into the topic, as well as for any enthusiast who enjoys myths and legends and can appreciate a new side of them.

In recent years there has been a surge of retellings of famous fairytales and legends, but usually in the young adult genre. "Mashed Myths" is aimed at a much younger audience and it can be especially appealing to middle graders. I remember reading a similar series when I was around that age, "Horrible Histories", and it was my favourite thing at the time, only later overshadowed by the Harry Potter series.

I can make a parallel not only between the topic of "Horrible Histories" and "Mashed Myths", which is a child-friendly look into the otherwise more serious world of history and literature, but also, between the writing styles. "Mashed Myths" is going to win the hearts of young readers with a funny, every-day twist on the Greek mythology, with mythological heroes appearing on Yu-Gi-Oh style playing cards, with an engaging narrative and just the right amount of illustrations vs stories. "Mashed Myths" also offers quizzes, trivia and some gore, if made more or less appropriate for the kids.

Additionally, the book could easily be read by adults as well. I had a lot of fun exploring the author's creative approach, despite not only having read the real Greek myths, but also being much older than the target group.

What I think is the biggest plus of this book is the fact that the author knows how to write for kids. He seems to realize what will be interesting and funny to them, and also to make it educational and interactive. I believe that a person who didn't have the ability to connect to kids would be unable to sell this book, because it wouldn't reach the audience as it should.

One thing that kind of bothered me (where bothered might be too strong of a word), is that at certain points the book was a tad too close to the audience. There was too big an amount of fart and butt jokes, in my opinion, as well as entirely too many boogers. Yes, of course, kids would love it and find it hilarious, but all of it playing such a big role in the book, might send the wrong message, and create a wave of booger-eating, farting youngsters, because they might just think the heroes in the book can be accepted as role-models.

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Published on March 26, 2019

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