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Marriage – the Dare to Love


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In the book, Judy Cheng has depicted marriage as an exhibition of human nature with it displaying its brightest and darkest sides admitting of no room for concealment within a couple, when she sees marriage always has a couple merge their life together in a realer than real manner.

As a counselor, working in a marital introduction company for years, who has witnessed not a few experiences people vividly encounter, she feels obligated to truly and sincerely tell them out, hoping people will get enlightened and learn by those stories which are shared with tears; broken hearts; struggling; plights and lessons – and unexpectedly – turning out to be the very useful and valuable stuff as wisdom, strength and mainly FAITH rendering the sufferers boldly seek for love again without being intimidated to create them a new chapter of love path in their live amazingly.

In the entire book, Judy has adopted a way of truly and boldly writing without shirking to write out any restricted discourses, aiming at offering her readers at one go and in person an extraordinary journey of love experiences which will go into their lives providing them helpful references when needed.

Many times, it would appear in our lives that we have to choose to adhere to either reason or love, and it turns out love is always chosen, amazingly so. Such a phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean reasons are less important or powerful than love; instead, it only proves love is the most essential thing in our lives, making us more than willing to live with it. And the most amazing thing is when you adhere to love enough, you will finally find love is already a reason.

For a realist who would be fond of lending realism to everything, love will probably appear to him or her more of a reality. While it all depends, love is definitely more of a subject substantial enough in our human universe to be a course, urging every one of us to spend as much time as possible earnestly studying it through and through for life with the aim of making the world we live a better place. Is love really good innately? Not exactly. It is great not because it is so but because it has to be—so great that it can help a couple in accepting each other’s weaknesses, in forgiving each other’s mistakes, and in tolerating each other’s many, many unexpected, unwelcome things which they can by no means discover from each other until going into marriage, sleeping on the same bed, and sharing a common dream. Without love being so great for them living in each other’s heart, the common dream they share from their kitchen to their bedroom will turn into a strange bedfellow, causing them to plunge into an abyss of pain and leaving each other the most painful chapter in life.


Many will consider love, originally, the easiest subject among others, posing on to our lives without us having to learn how to do it, for it is right for us to assume that we are born to love, and hate is just an uninvited guest that we have not sent an invitation to. With love seeming so granted to us from our mother once we are born, many of us will not see love as a learning subject and just assume we can gain whatever kind of love we want without learning it, confirming it is really granted. However, we cannot help but gradually and brutally come to realize that love is not only a learning subject but also the hardest one to learn. Furthermore, never attempt to make light of this subject while learning it, for it can easily turn your life upside down if you dare to mess up such a course.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. don’t let the subject of love be your weakest spectrum, or you will only eventually be weak no matter how strong the rest of your other spectrums are.


In this instance, you may find love overwhelming when it can actually make waves in our lives, leaving in our minds happy memories as well as many a sad one and leading us a peaceful life as well as not a few tempestuous ones. And it can come and go arbitrarily without first obtaining our consent. It can play hide-and-seek with us where we will find it coming or going at a wrong time every time. However overwhelming love is, it cannot live without us.


Love is not a cuisine course cooked well for us to take but a lifetime course has us spend our whole life to learn. There is no graduation so to speak, but every day, a lesson starts.


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I am from Hong Kong, living with husband and two sons. I work as a counselor in a marital introduction company. In my job, I have not only earned a living but gaining a bunch of life experiences from my clients' encounters in the area of love, relationship and marriage. I have written two books. view profile

Published on July 11, 2020

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