By Kamala Subramaniam

Must read 🏆

A truly simple and detailed narration of the great Kurukshetra War from start to end.

The book takes you to all the events & circumstances which led to war between two groups of cousins of a great Kuru family, Pandavas & Kauravas. The Author has given equal importance to each character and explained their nature and actions just like many protagonists in Mahabharata.

This book is a must-read for the young generation. The author was aware that today's youth would not take the pain of reading this epic as it is difficult to read and understand Sanskrit in which it is originally written and has written this book in perfect chronological order and justifiable detailed manner in the English language.

She has mentioned in her Preface to this book that "If, after reading the book, a few at least will read the epic in the original, my desire will be fulfilled. May I say that my book is just a guide into a vast ocean called the MAHABHARATA.

Hence, the book has to be read so that there is a clear understanding of this epic and then one must start reading the original epic with the verses and poetry.

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