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Magic in Allure


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Good novel about a girl starting her college life. Plot is simple, enjoyable & relatable to YA. It catches the reader, but it ends suddenly.

Ivy heads to college and can't wait to meet new people and have fun. Despite some initial homesickness, she adapts quickly. She joins a sorority, starts to date Calven, a handsome and popular athlete and is very popular. Her roommate, Mabel is obsessed by her. Everyone she encounter welcomes her and wants to be her friend. Everything comes easy to her and she does not have to try hard. She naturally gets all she wants with minimum or no effort.

She is very close to her mother and three sisters. They play a huge part in her life and share uniquenesses. Each of them have a gift. Ivy's attracts people's attention. And as much as it is a gift it also brings her trouble and even gets her in dangerous situations. Her mother warns her multiple times, but Ivy's likes to be the centre of attention. "A people's person" as she says. She likes to be busy and liked.

This is a good novel. The characters are well developed. Their personalities and background unfolds as the reader gets more into the story and by chapter 10 we feel we know them. We can even predict some of their actions and cheer in favour os against them. The dialogues are smart, funny and very relatable to Young Adults.

There are positive elements worth to highlight. It tackles issues that are important for everyone, but specially to late teens and young adults: homosexuality, harassment, mental health, excessive drinking, popularity, family bounds and consequences to our actions and choices.

The plot is simple, fun, entertaining, relatable and engages the reader. The rhythm is really good until chapter 18. However, after that, it seems the author is in a rush to finish. The last two chapters are not as enjoyable and appealing as the rest of the book, and it feels that the story comes to an abrupt end. After so many captivating pages, it does let the reader down.

Story flow, from the beginning, catches our interest, with interesting situations, new things happening and a good pace. It's hard to put the book down. And that's why is a little frustrating that the end is so rushed and does not "tie all the nots". A dramatic event happens (won't spoil it!) and in less than twenty pages all is solved and done. It does not match the rest of the book and it leaves the reader disappointed.

Overall is a good book. It just had the potential to be a great one. It is still a nice read for young adults and older teenagers.

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L.M. Thornburg graduated from UCCS with a degree in English. She has written two novels and is currently working on the third. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, four sons, 2 cats, and 1 dog. Most days her life closely resembles a zoo. view profile

Published on August 01, 2020

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