Macario's Scepter


Loved it! 😍

Exciting, fast-paced and very immersive. It pulls you in from the very beginning with its vivid descriptions and intriguing plot twists.

This fast-paced and exciting story will pull you into the fantastic world of sea monsters and pirates from the very beginning. It is a story of sisterhood, love, betrayal, bravery, and besides tackling such important topics it is immensely fun to read. I especially enjoyed the vivid setting descriptions where you get totally immersed into the town of Aridia and its bustling Tradesmen Harbour where the story begins. The winding plotline follows Baz - Captain Blackwater - and two sisters, Samara and Seraphina, on their way to retrieve, or prevent the retrieval of, Macario's Scepter, a notorious magical artefact that could bring about the end of the Majestic Isles.

Samara, the Chosen One, is very far away from an archetypal quest hero. She is deeply flawed and troubled, and needs to find a way to handle herself and come to terms with her own choices before she can move on to save the world. There is a lot of intrigue in the book, political, religious, criminal, everyone yearns for power without thinking of the consequences that the wielding of such a weapon might have.

The storyline takes us on a tour of the Majestic Isles' most mystical places accompanied by a crew of very memorable characters and an ancient monster that dwells in the deep darkness and could be awoken from its terrible slumber at any moment. This is a book for those lovers of fantasy who enjoy fast-paced action, pirate adventures, the mysteries of the sea, strong female characters, magic, and the possibility of doom that constantly looms around the corner (or after the next wave). In the end, this adventurous novel leaves us in eager expectation of its sequel wondering whether the Chosen One will be able to fulfil her destiny and in what oblique way will that come to happen.

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Published on April 13, 2020

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