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Mac & Madi Get Sporty


Worth reading 😎

Cute twins and a fun lesson for children to learn that it's okay to have differences in hobbies.

Mac and Madi have a dilemma. They have done everything together in terms of hobbies and have lots of fun. One day, that changes and what follows is a lesson for anyone with a sibling, especially a twin.

The illustrations for this book are simple compared to prior children's books I've read. Just the twins featured and the mom on occasion. That feels like a drawback even though we get a lot of illustrations of Mac and Madi with the sports they love and try out. The coach is only in the background and we don't see much of her either. It's good to have a certain amount of characters, but a little more variety might have made the story more enjoyable. It, again, got to the point which I think was the author's main intent.

One great thing about this book, however, is the theme. Sports, trying new things, sibling love and family are themes that come to mind. I believe the theme of trying new things can apply to other hobbies too, but having a sports-centered one helps narrow the book down to a particular audience. Sports lovers rejoice, this is the book for you! The author certainly did her research and utilized people she knew to get the best information possible. That, in turn, made this book much more authentic and enjoyable.

Another great thing about this book is the opportunity to learn as in the back of the book there is a glossary with ballet and cheerleader terms. So not only is your child getting a life lesson, they are also receiving an educational lesson by learning some new words. This is the first time I have encountered something like that in a children's book and it was a great move on the author's part. This book would probably be for a younger audience in that case, but hey, if you can get your child to learn in any way, shape or form that's great!

Overall, this is a good book, especially if you have twins. However, I believe there is something everyone can take away from reading the book.

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Mac and Madi are identical twins who do everything together. Everything! But, life is about to change. Mac is a tennis prodigy while Madi loves to score goals on the soccer field. Faced with some tough decisions, Mac and Madi agree to go their separate ways and focus on their respective sports. But will the choice to do things differently make or break their seemingly unbreakable bond?

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Born and raised in Rhode Island, Linda Herron knows firsthand what it is like to grow up as an identical twin. In fact, the most wonderful part of her childhood was spending time with her best friend and twin sister. Linda is a Financial expert and provides strategic advising. view profile

Published on December 18, 2019

Published by Big Little Press / Linda Herron

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