Luna's Do-Something Day: A Trip to the Moon


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Creative, fun, and adventurous story that show readers the power of imagination

Luna's Do-Something Day: A Trip to the Moon is a fun and adventurous story that will take readers on a trip to space thanks to a little girl's big imagination.

One day, while Luna was watching TV, Abuelita came in the room, turned off the TV, and told Luna there will be no more "do-nothing" days. Today will be a "do-something" day!

As Luna headed outside, she complained there was nothing fun to do. Abuelita recommended that if Luna used her imagination, her day would be full of fun. And guess what? Abuelita was right! Luna went on a search for "Imagination" and ended up on an trip to space where she saw the sun and planets, and visited the moon where she met moon people.

This is a very entertaining book that not only takes children on an adventure but teaches them the power of their imagination and a little bit about space. The author does a great job of depicting, both through words and illustrations, a child's imagination. A simple cardboard box is converted into a rocket ship. Ants become moon people.

What is also great about this book is that the author throws in a bit of humor - Luna was searching for "Imagination" and it was with her all along.

The illustrations were bright, colorful, and really brought out the story.

Great work by the author, illustrator, and everyone else who was a part of the writing journey! A must read!

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Imagination is a magical thing! Luna wants nothing more that to spend her day watching TV, but Abuelita is send Luna outside for a do-something day. What is there to do out there? With Luna's imagination, the possibilities are endless. Join Luna and her crew of two on their mission to find Imagination. Is it somewhere on Saturn's rings or in the craters of the moon? Hopefully it's nowhere near the sun! Where could it be? Pig hoots! It isn't easy finding Imagination!

This action-packed story is a perfect way to promote the importance of encouraging outside play and limiting screen time for children in a fun and engaging way.

This beautifully illustrated book will engage reluctant readers with oodles of giggles. TV watchers and star gazers who remember what it is to be a kid oozing with imagination will find this book relatable and fun to read!

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Published on January 20, 2022

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