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Luna and the Magical Piano


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A book full of mystery, intrigue, riddles, fairies, good versus evil, it has it all!

Luna & the Magical Piano is written by eight-year-old, Kaia Verheyen and illustrated by Ana Gyorgyiyoska. This is Kaia’s first book. Kaia was born in Singapore, which is one of the reasons I decided to read her book. My family lived in Singapore for three and a half years (before Kaia was born).

Luna’s family decides to move from Japan to England so that they can be closer to Luna’s sister, Isabella. All of Luna’s possessions, including her beloved piano, are shipped on a cargo ship. Once Luna’s piano arrives, seven of the keys are missing and end up being replaced with seven evil keys. This leads to a reoccurring dream, advice from her sister and the beginning of the adventures that Luna and Isabella will encounter as they attempt to solve riddles and get the right keys back for the piano.

I thought the cover was beautifully designed and I loved the black and white illustrations that are scattered throughout the book. I thought it was interesting how this book creatively weaves some geography and history into the story, adding more depth to the story. The only major critique I have is that there were some formatting issues on some of the pages.

Luna & the Magical Piano has intrigue, mystery, riddles, and adventure! While this book is intended for children, I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to children (and their parents, as it is a great read-aloud) in grades 2-5. Especially children with a great imagination, as they will truly enjoy this book. I look forward to Kaia’s next book.

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About the author

Kaia was born in Singapore and has lived all over the world. She developed a passion for reading and writing from the age of 5. She loves math and geography, playing piano, reading books about fairies and unicorns, and inventing her own stories. She became published author at age 7 view profile

Published on November 13, 2020

Published by Young Authors Academy

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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