Lucas and the Tree


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A playful, lighthearted and inspiring read to help children face and overcome their fears.

Lucas and the Tree written by Sue Kythreotou is a delightful book for children that will help them to face and overcome their fears.

What is it that scares children most? How do they find the courage to get over their fears?

In this adorable book filled with vivid and attractive illustrations, young ones would follow the story of Lucas, a young boy who suddenly hears strange sounds at night. Where is the sound coming from? Could it be coming from a scary creature outside his house?

Kids oftentimes have wild imaginations that make them fearful especially at night. Darkness seems to trigger their ability to visualize certain things that hinder them from sleeping soundly and peacefully throughout the night.

What this book does is help children use their imagination in a positive way. Instead of seeing something that scares them, they can see pleasant things that can comfort them and give them warmth.

How this could be, I would not tell so that readers can enjoy this story to the very end. Let’s just say that Lucas’s mother would play an important role to help him face his fears.

This book would also instill in children a love for nature and an awareness of the beautiful world outside one’s house. The wonderful drawings would help them visualize the amazing experiences they can have as they discover the world outdoors.

This is a must-read bedtime story for children that could help them overcome their greatest fears.

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Lucas and the Tree was written to inspire children to play outdoors in nature and also to encourage them to face their fears.

One night as Lucas is about to fall asleep he hears a strange noise which frightens him. He starts to imagine what it could be and this scares him even more. Mum soon comes to the rescue and together they discover what it is. Lucas has to find the courage to help his mum and with her support they are pleasantly surprised by what they find.

About the author

Sue Kythreotou was born and raised in South Africa where her love for nature was cultivated. She holds a teaching degree and has taught and counselled children for many years. She currently lives in Cyprus with her family and hopes to write many more children's books. view profile

Published on December 31, 2020

Published by Bookworm - a small local company.

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Genre: Children's

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