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Lovers' Lane


Not for me 😔

This novel takes a look into a future led by benevolent, fierce rulers, but something feels off.

I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover and was nothing less than surprised when I got through the first chapter of this novel. Based on both the cover and title, it looks like either erotic romance or romantic suspense.

Lovers' Lane follows Hazel and Lyric- top people in their dystopian world as they rebuild struggling societies across their lands. It talks about the import and export of drugs and other products as part of a brigade and some massive plan to excel to new levels and how Hazel has medicinal healing and weapons at her fingertips. She's also the most "powerful human in the world." Lyric, on the other hand, is a scientist who is also multi-talented and powerful.

There are also Lexington, little Hazel, Ginger, and a host of other characters who keep this fictional world from total collapse. I thought there was a love triangle going on between Hazel, Lyric, and Lexington, which is confusing. Lyric and Lexington are the same person, but the names are used interchangeably and without warning.

I found this book hard to follow and confusing the whole time. It would have been nice if the characters had more conversation and dialogue with each other. Instead, I felt like narrative and beefy descriptions were weighing down on me. There is too much backstory and context presented all at once, which kind of overwhelmed and tired me out reading before making it halfway in the story. It's not the pace or style of story I was expecting or typically enjoy.

However, I get the direction the author is going with the plot and its characters. The events all happen within the span of 23 years. A few of the things that are done well in this novel are the complicated relationships within families, like the one between Hazel and her estranged father and the relationships between Hazel, Lexington, and their daughters. I also liked how, despite being set in the future, people are moving back toward more outdated forms of transportation.

I did not enjoy this book. However, I think those who enjoy futurism, healing, alternative royalty, and characters with extraordinary abilities set in a world in repair would like this book.

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Odetta A. Fraser is an author who likes to keep herself engaged with her family and her hobbies. She was emigrated with her family to the US at age 12 years. She completed her college education in psychology and went on to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology. view profile

Published on August 22, 2021

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