Science Fiction

Living Metal: Metallic Soul


This book will launch on Feb 14, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

The story start out with a bang as Anna a local cop on Mars, escapes obliteration from a trap set by the Red Skulls gang. Anna soon realized that there was something more than retaliation from this gang that was going on. This something was will change her life on Mars.

Anna finds out that the Earth’s government was secretly experimenting on the her kind and now along with Sara a target to be eliminated. Anna must find Sara before it’s too late.

Chapter 1: Between a rock and a hard place

“You are listening to K-98, the Number One radio station here on Mars. We would like to welcome all of our new listeners near Valhalla Point. It was one of the remaining battle sites of the Great War between our now good friends, the United Earth Government.

Speaking of Earth, we are going to celebrate the treaty between our grand worlds, which was signed a hundred years ago this weeken...shhhhhhhhh!”

An unexpected explosion obliterated the newly built communication tower out on a large mountain formation called Valhalla’s Point, shaking the planet with a fiery roar. Anything within a thousand meters from ground zero instantly vaporized. From its wake, a mushroom-like cloud formed.

Out from the raging fire came a police truck desperately trying to escape the flames of the horrendous explosion. It was just outside of the zone of obliteration. But this was to no avail. The truck was now enveloped in the fiery explosion.

No sooner than it would appear to be lost for the person inside the truck, that another explosion shook the landscape. Luckily, the shockwave sent the truck soaring away from destruction, brutally landing onto the rocky surface of Mars.

Inside the vehicle, a woman was attempting to control the steering wheel as the vehicle fishtailed to the right and quickly to the left. She was coming up fast to a cavernous ravine. But the driver, with a tight grip on the gears, recovered in time. Only her hubcaps of her vehicle fell off into the ravine.

The woman could stay here as the burning rubble from the explosion started to pulverize her escape route. This left her nearly blinded to the oncoming rocks. However, she continued to focus on the task at hand. Up ahead to her right she saw the road and made a break for it.

The sky-blue eyes of the woman gave and an expression of relief as the blast radius quickly subsided. But her relief did not last long as anxiety seemed to set in. This was not over. From the rearview mirror, she saw a flash of blue light radiating from ground zero of the

explosion. The driver was far enough to be safe from the detonation, however not far enough for what came after the blast.

Within a second, a secondary explosion came forth, blasting white fire into all directions. The intensity of this shockwave pushes everything in its path. This time, there was no escape for the woman. The wave of fire smashed into the truck. Only her driving skills somewhat kept it under control, or so she thought.

Left with no other choice, the woman gave up the struggle to save the truck. With a single kick to the door, she scarcely dove out of harm’s way, tumbling hard into a ditch below large enough to keep her somewhat safe from the coming fire.

Behind the blinding fire quickly came another shock wave. The magnitude of the wave forced the truck to barrel out of control, its velocity launching the truck into the air and straight into a set of boulders.

From the combination of the truck’s speed and the force of the explosion, the front of the truck smacked hard to the top part of a jagged boulder, causing most of the fuel cells to explode on contact. Like a newly lit roman candle going off into the night sky, the vehicle blasted further in the air. The driver could only watch as her truck slammed into the mountainside.

Once the ground stopped shaking and wind died down, the woman climbed out from the ditch. The female driver took off her helmet, her long, flowing red hair falling out. Her protruding ears popped up and out from each side, twitching a bit from being cooped up in the helmet for so long.

The fiery chaos unfolded around the driver reflected off her crystal sky blue eyes. Her long red hair glimmered with scorching yellows and oranges of the flames dancing around the newly formed destruction. Because of the explosion, the heat was stifling. She unzipped her armor-plated jacket, the insignia of the New Dicon Police Department on each side of her shoulders. Her badge pops out from her left front pocket and revealed her name as it opened up, Officer Anna Matrix.

Anna five-foot-five with light muscle tone frame showed no signs of injuries, only an expression of exasperation of what had just transpired. She picked up her badge and placed it in her back left pants pocket. Luckily, Anna felt that her gun was still in her holster that was connected to her back pocket.

Anna looked around at the destruction. From the point of the detonation in a two-mile radius, everything inside was completely obliterated by the blast. She took off her jacket to show off her light aqua tank top that she normally wares under her officer shirt.

She was sure whoever did this wanted her dead with extreme prejudice. The list of adversaries in her line of work was a mile long. Anna was worried about how far they were willing to go.

Her assignment was to check out the communication towers on the outskirts of New Dicon City of a possible terrorist attack by the local cyber gangs that plagued the highways outside of New Dicon City. Anna believed that the bomb was military grade. If this had been in the middle of a populated area, many innocent lives would have been lost. Fortunately, the communication towers were unmanned and no one was around.

“Damn, first day I was assigned to this truck and it gets destroyed. Chief is going to be mad about this,” she said to herself as she turned around and walked away from the flames. Just before this assignment, Anna was suspended with pay due to a pending investigation with her partner.

Her commanding officer Sergeant Simms, supported her through the investigation and helped her to be acquitted from her partner’s action. Because of her last partner, Anna had to go to angry management class before she could come back to work. It was something that she couldn’t get out of.

Due to the Anna’s rough landing out of the vehicle, the communication device inside her helmet visor was fried. The secondary communication earpiece wasn’t responding either. There was no way of contacting command base for assistance. For now, she was stuck in the middle of nowhere at least thirty miles away from New Dicon City.

Just as she took her first steps the other way, the remaining fuel cells from the truck exploded. But Anna neither flinched from the sound nor from the blast. Smirking from the situation that she got herself into, Anna just continued to walk away until one of the burning tires from the truck landed a few inches from her feet.

As she watched the burning rubber at her feet, she tightly held onto her helmet. The smell of burning rubber reminded her of her bad luck. Anna whipped around and tossed the helmet out of frustration into the burning debris, then sat down while slowly gazing up into the starry night.

The twin moons of Mars prevailed over the plush red landscape. Anna watched the last of the flickering flames on the desert’s surface. Suddenly, the communication unit in her ear started to beep.

“Anna, are you there?”

“Yeah, Serge, I am here,” said Anna.

“Shsss...We can’t get a fix on you. What is your...shssss.”

“Just perfect,” said Anna. “Whoever did this had to take out the only freaking

communication tower out here.” There was no response. Her protruding ears twitched from frustration.

Anna got back up and dusted off the dirt from her pant legs. She could not afford to wait there any longer. Ever since Mars lost the war with the Earth a hundred ago, the United Earth Government had limited Mar’s military to the point that only Mar’s jurisdiction was in the major cities. Outside was under Earth rule. This was to make sure that Mar’s would not rebuild their armies.

Even though it has been a hundred year the old of Earth’s sanctions were still enforced by Earth security forces. Parts of Mars were left ravaged by the war and never really had a chance to heal. Because of that, cybernetic gangs rose up the ravaged lands assume control and made their own turf to control.

To battle this, the Earth security force needed to separated the civilians from the criminals and created these sanctions. Unless in the main city’s of Mars, no one included the local law enforcement would not be permitted to travel on the highways at night. Only with proper clearance citizen would be able to travel.

Anna will not have anyone looking for her until morning. Reluctantly, she started down the only road out of Valhalla’s Point. On her way down, Anna noticed a makeshift sign of old armaments, an old Earth’s Regulation billboard with words spray-painted on it, “Welcome to the Badlands, population, minus 1500.”

Badlands, huh, she thought.

Anna grinned at the joke and started to walk away from the sign. The remains of her old truck started to slide down the mountainside, crashing hard onto the road behind her.

The impact caused another tire to pop off. Her elongated ears perked up at the sound of smoldering rubber. With a blank expression, she just watched as the tire hit the signpost. Anna shook her head and laughed.

The dusty winds gently blew across Mars’ cold landscape. Anna continued her way down the isolated road thinking about the days before coming to Mars and her decision to go. This was about seven years ago. Three year prior leaving to Mars Anna was founded by a geologist named Allen Richardson who lived on an Asteroid mining colony called Carlson city.

Anna was without memories of how she came to be there. Allen took pity on her and gave her a room in his home with his daughter, Millie who gave Anna her name. It wasn’t too long afterward that Anna realized that she was no ordinary human as she has the abilities to fuse and manipulate metal.

Since Anna was in a mining colony and away from large population of people, she was able to get some what control over her powers. However, controlling her abilities did not come without consequence. Anna was always grate full of Allen’s charity and did not get him

involved. She had no choice but to leave from Carlson city to start a new life on Mars. Anna hoped that Allen and Millie would understand.

Anna’s thoughts of the past were broken by road forking into two directions. Puzzled by which way she needed to go, Anna stopped in the middle of the road. Since she never had to travel outside this far from the City with no active GPS to follow, Anna was clueless as to where she was. At times like this, Anna would take out an old earth coin given to her by Allen, an old 1975 US half-dollar coin. It was the only thing that she had to remember him by.

“Ok,” said Anna, “Heads I’ll go left, and tails I’ll go right.”

The two moons of Mars raced across the skyline, giving the surface an eerie red radiance and making her more visible to any onlookers. Anna was about to flip the coin when she noticed a parked vehicle not too far from her. It was on top of a hill a half mile away from her. If she went left, she would run right into it. It did seem strange for someone to just be sitting on top of the hill, especially after the explosion.

Her first thought was to go up there. However, Anna decided to take the road to the right, away from the vehicle. It seemed obvious that they had something to do with this situation. Anna slowly walked away in the middle of the road, making sure that the party inside the

parked vehicle easily saw her. If they did not react or take the bait within a half of a mile radius, she would head back the opposite direction. So far there was no action upon the hill.

Anna looked around to see that this road way she was on would be a great place for an ambush. The area around the road going up to the hill where the vehicle was at had a lot of boulders littering the area. Anna hoped that the vehicle was abandoned so she could get the hell out of this place.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Upon the hill, painted on each side of the truck were Red Skulls, the calling card of the notorious Red Skull Society gang. For years, they had plagued the outside state of New Dicon City.

Inside this truck were two affiliates of this gang, both were ordered to wait and see if Anna had survived. If she did, they would have the privilege to eliminate her personally. But after wait some time both of them started to fall asleep.

The gang member in the driver’s seat happened to wake up and noticed someone walking down the road. He pulled out his binoculars to see if it was Anna. Delighted, he bashed on the steering wheel with glee, waking up the other gang member.

“Hey Bone Crusher, wake up! She’s here,” he said.

“What Razor? Oh, finally,” said Bone Crusher, “Damn, we bombed that place hours ago and now she shows up.”

“It’s only been twenty minutes since it went off,” said Razor.

“Oh, who cares?” said Bond Crusher as he saw a woman with red hair in the distance

and continued, “She’s here, right?” “Right,” replied Razor.

The Red Skulls’ were contracted to bomb the communication tower close to Valhalla’s point. The money was good and the Red Skulls didn’t asked question of why. Their benefactor had given them the perfect opportunity to lure one of their greatest threats to their gang. It was the Red Skull’s idea to leak the information to the police in hope of luring Anna out.

It was four years ago when Anna infiltrated the Red Skulls as a recruit. To be initiated in was to fight against one of the Red Skull’s leaders in combat. Anna faced off against the one called the Butcher of Dicon City. With single kicked to the face, Anna had taken down one of the Red Skull greatest fighter.

Once they knew Anna was a cop it was too late for the Butcher was incarcerated long with anyone around him. Embarrassed by Anna’s involvement, the Red Skulls vowed to take revenge on Anna. But no plan of how many people that they send after her no one could get the upper hand. It was not until this bombing opportunity, the Red Skulls could get Anna alone and out of New Dicon City.

The trap had been set and revenge was in sight. The two-gang members’ boss, the Grand Jaguar, ordered them to stay close by and make sure Anna took her last breath. In some ways, they were happy that the explosion did not work. It was now up to them to gain vengeance for their gang.

“She will pay for taking out our brothers in the southern district,” said Bone Crusher “This is our chance to get even with her. Do it, brother,” said Razor.

Bone Crusher rose up and clenched the front of the dashboard with anticipation. For

them, there was nothing better than slaughtering their victims from behind. With excitement in his voice, Razor said, “Yeah and we are getting paid to boot! The boss was wise to choose us to be his avenging angels of pain, ha, ha, ha!”

Razor laughed as he started the truck’s custom-built engine. With a flick of a button on the side of the steering wheel, the truck began to transform. Out came the front bumpers with a huge metal plow with a crimson skull painted in the center. At the top of the plow were protruding metal spikes inching for Anna’s blood.

The roar from the engine caught Anna’s attention. Instead of acting like she had noticed it, Anna did not react and continued to walk, waiting for the right opportunity to retaliate.

Quickly the vehicle raged down the hill. At the sounds of the truck’s squealing tires,

Anna realized the danger was bonafide and not a low oxygen hallucination. She turned to face the glaring lights coming from the oncoming truck, shielding her eyes and getting a glimpse of a crimson skull on the plow.

The Red Skulls, thought Anna, why I am not surprised? I was wondering when they would make their next move on me.

The truck ripped up the asphalt of this lonely road. Within seconds, it quickly closed the distance to the Skulls’ coming victim. The headlights shone brightly onto Anna, marking their intent.

Feeling irritated, she softly muttered, “Let’s hit her with a truck! Geez, these idiots have no originality. I guess I’m going to have to teach them a little lesson.”

The truck raced over the hill like a lion chasing after its prey through a wheat field. The gang members were able to see Anna’s back facing them. Razor started laughing at the thought of an easy kill. She looked helpless in their path of destruction.

“Ha! Brother, we caught her off guard. Get ready to attack if she dodges me,” said the Razor.

“Right, I am on my way,” said Bone Crusher as he jumped out of the moving truck. Smiling, and with a gleam in his eyes, Bone Crusher in a flanking pattern moved swiftly to the right. If his partner failed, it would be up to him to strike the killing blow. No matter what, Bone Crusher was confident that Anna would not escape his grasp.

The truck made its final stretch upon its prey. Anna could feel the heat bearing down onto her back. The pressure of the immediate threat did nothing to her confidence. She already knew that she would prevail.

Just as the truck raced a few inches away from running her over, Anna spun around and propped one hand to the hood of the truck. With little effort, she jumped onto the truck, slamming her left hand onto the hood. She then used the momentum of her limb as a pivoting point to twist around and land on top of the hood.

Razor nearly lost control as Anna crouched down on the hood in front of him. Smiling, she tapped onto the glass with her gun. The advantage was hers.

Trembling in fear, Razor stomped on the brake, hoping that it would knock her off the truck. However, Anna did not budge from the hood. It was as if the properties of physics did not apply to her.

Razor looked down the hood and noticed her shoes. To his surprise, he saw that Anna had embedded her feet within the hard metal frame of the truck. There was no way he was going to lose her. Razor was tempted to run off the road hit one of the boulders that littered the right

side of the road. He when he saw that Bone Crusher was moving in the right side, Razor stopped revving the engine.

“No freaking way,” screamed Razor as he wanted the glory of taking her out.

Only the sound of a gun tapping against the front window regained his attention back to

Anna. He looked up to see her pointing her laser-tip handgun directly to his forehead. Razor knew that if he failed to hit her then his comrade was ready to attack. Razor had to play it off as if he was surrendering to Anna. Where they were at it would be easy to catch her off guard as the boulder around the road would masked Bone Crusher’s shadow.

Once the Razor turned off the engine to the truck, he then raised his hands up. It was then Bone Crusher sprang into action. From out of the corner of her eye, Anna noticed him approaching her left. He was almost twice the size of Razor coming right at her, his intent clear.

Unimpressed of this tactic, Anna was fully aware of his position. She quickly jumped above him and landed on a boulder behind him a few feet away from the truck. Bone Crusher did not realize when it happened.

The poor reaction of the Bone Crusher wildly punched straight through the windshield. Instead of hitting his target, the cyborg’s fist smashed right into the Razor’s face. Suddenly, Bone Crusher realized that he did not hit Anna.

Angered at his mistake, Bone Crusher on top of the truck grabbed the Razor’s shirt collar and pulled him straight through what was left of the windshield.

“Where is she?” Bone Crusher screamed.

The throbbing pain caused by a fist’s impact on his face had the Razor in a daze. He opened his right eye only to see a shadowy figure coming above them. Razor then looked up to his enraged partner.

“Behind you, you freaking idiot!” Razor screamed.

As soon as Bone Crusher turned back and looked up, Anna jumped off the boulder and was already on her way down with a dropkick. Both her feet smacked him right in the side of his face. The impact didn’t seem to faze Bone Crusher as he quickly countered with a chokehold using his right hand.

“You’ll have to do a lot better than that, bitch!” Bone Crusher said arrogantly. “My body is made from aluminum titanium.”

Bone Crusher pushed her back off to the left side of the road and slammed Anna against

another boulder, still holding her with one hand. His plan was to keep her off the ground, making her helpless to his aggression. Bone Crusher wanted to watch Anna struggle for life and fulfill her payment of what she had done to his brothers, or so he thought.

Anna with a devilish grin that took Bone Crusher off guard loosened his grip which gave Anna opening to counter strike. With a fluid motion, Anna broke the hold by using an inside block with her right arm and pushed the hand away from her throat. Once free, Anna caught her adversary with an uppercut punch to the gut followed by a left elbow shot to the side of his head and an open palm strike to his throat, forcing him back.

In the daze of Anna’s attack, Bone Crusher thought he saw her arms turn into metallic armor. It was too late for him to make any sense of this. Anna’s final barrage of attacks made his body feel like jelly. Her last punch slammed her opponent’s head onto the hood of the truck. It was over.

Smiling, Anna placed her right boot on top of Bone Crusher’s head. Again, he just looked up at her in disbelief. Anna pointed the gun to his head and said cockily, “Now, now, boys, we can do this the easy way or the hard way? I really hope your choice was the hard way.”

Anna hopped down from the truck and took off the metal bars on the hood of the truck. She then quickly wrapped them around the Bone Crusher’s hands, forcing him to sit a few feet away from the truck.

Razor finally stumbled out of the truck. Anna walked up to him in a condescending way, tightly gripping the back of his neck and forcing him over to the front bumper.

“Now, where do you think you’re going, skull boy?” she said.

“If you must know, my name is the Razor,” said Razor.

“Razor, let me guess,” said Anna cockily. “The other schmuck over there is Shaver?” Surprised, he yelled, “How dare you mock us? You bitch.”

Anna shoved his face onto the hood. “Aw, what’s the matter? The big bad Red Skulls

can’t take a joke?”

“Joke all you want, lady,” said Razor. “When he wakes up, you will be in trouble. Do

you know who he is?”

Unimpressed Anna said, “Nope, and I don’t care about your silly little titles. What I do

care about on the other hand is why you bombed that tower out here.”

While Anna handcuffed Razor, she found a big hunting knife in the back pocket of his

pants leg. It was a foot-long blade with ridges running down the blade. Anna took it out of its leather cover.

“Nice knife,” she said, twirling it in her hand.

Once he looked up at her in disgust, she stabbed the hood of the truck right in front of Razor’s eyes.

“Okay, I am only going to ask you this one more time. Why did your gang bomb that communication tower?” asked Anna.

Bone Crusher woke up and overheard her.

“Ha, pig, we know our rights,” he said. “You cannot interrogate us without a lawyer present. This is police brutality. You won’t get away with this. I am the Great Bone Crusher, and you...”

Anna paid no attention to him. She walked over to the other side of the truck, looked toward the desert landscape and said to herself, “This is going to be a long night for me.”

Bone Crusher screamed out in anger, “Hey, are you listening to me?”

Anna looked back at Crusher in a disdainful manner and said, “I thought I had gagged you.”

The impudence of Anna’s comment left him momentarily speechless; he just watched Anna forcing Razor to sit beside him. Bone Crusher stared at her with utmost hate, and as she passed by, he said, “Your police buddies won’t come for you in time. You will die first and I will enjoy every last minute of...”

Again, Anna ignored him. She did not care to notice his reactions as she strolled back to the truck. Bone Crusher’s right eye twitched and he gritted his teeth with resentment.

“That’s it,” he said to himself. “I’m getting the hell out of here, and I’ll be back to finish you off, little miss badass. Then...then you will pay attention to me. Oh yes, you will!”

Razor overheard his mumbling and whispered, “Are you crazy? Wait for our gang to get here.”

Bone Crusher struggled with his bindings and managed to loosen his legs.

“You can wait, but when she gets into that truck. I am out of here.”

Anna hopped onto the truck’s driver seat and tried to hot-wire it to start. As she bent to

take a hold of the wires under the steering column, Bone Crusher broke free of his leg cuffs. Quickly, he jumped up to his feet. Razor smiled, “All right, brother, come over here and help.”

Bone Crusher did not say anything. He just ran into the desert.

“What? No, you son of a bitch!” yelled Razor.

Anna’s long protruding ears twitched from the outburst and she popped her head out of

the truck, spotting Bone Crusher making his escape into the war-ridden desert. Anna then walked up to Razor and briefly glanced at him. “No loyalties, huh. Do you think he can really get away from me?”

Razor looked at Anna with disgust and mumbled something to himself. Anna came around him to tighten the ropes on his legs. She smiled and said, “Now, I’ll be back for you. So,

don’t get any ideas about escaping. Because then, I’ll have to do this the hard way.”

Her eyes glowed with an intense shade of blue. Razor got the message across that Anna

was not joking. He looked back fearfully and closed his eyes. Razor nodded to comply and reopened his eyes. To his surprise, no one was around. He then thought about what she said and screamed, “You mean this was the easy way?”

The direction that Bone Crusher led into caverns and caves that were created by the blast scars from the bombardment caused by the war with Earth. It was another reminder of Earth dominance in the war. Most areas outside of the major cities had this type of landscape and like most of the criminal element on Mars uses the bombed out caverns to hide from the Earth security force.

Anna quickly followed Bone Crusher into these caves systems. With stealth-like grace, she caught up with him soon. Oblivious to Anna’s actions, Bone Crusher continued his way through the caverns thinking that he had escaped.

At the right was an exit that led out to a valley. Once out, Bone Crusher needed to make sure that he had indeed escaped. He stopped to turn around in hopes that she was not following him. Crusher did not see anything and sighed in relief.

But Anna was close by, standing on top of the ledge near his position. She jumped when he turned back around and continued on his way to false freedom. Anna was only a few feet away from him when he bellowed out with laughter, “Ha, ha, ha, I did it! I got away from her. There’s no...”

He paused as he saw the faint shadow that stood in front of him. Someone was up on top of the rocks, watching him. His eyes widened in fear and he whipped around to see if it was Anna. Again, to his relief, it was only his imagination giving him a scare. Standing before him was a rock face that resembled a human figure.

With a burst of hearty arrogant laughter, Bone Crusher turned his attention back on escaping from his captor. His amusement came to a screeching halt as his eyes gazed upon Anna stood before him with her arms crossed, leaning against a boulder a few steps before him.

With eyes wide in disbelief, Bone Crusher doubled back into the rocky caves. His cyber enhancements gave him great agility through the jagged boulders. Giving nothing to chance, he then used his massive cyborg legs to jump over a small ravine.

Bone Crusher landed into a network of grottos and continued to run, zigzagging back and forth through the caves, hoping to confuse his pursuer, convinced that she could not follow.

To his fearful reality, Anna was there waiting for him as he exited the last cave. Bone Crusher backed up a few paces looking back and forth, trying to find another way to flee. Just as

he was about to run, Anna yelled cockily, “Hey!”

She started to walk towards him, saying, “That’s right, big guy. Are you ready to give


Bone Crusher refused to give in and screamed out of frustration. “No, no, no! This can't

be happening. I am the great Bone Crusher, the strongest of the Red Skulls!”

“Sure, whatever, bub,” said Anna she walked towards him.

“Whatever! I’ll show you whatever.” Bone Crusher turned around to face Anna. His

hands were still tied behind his back. With a crazed look on his face, he began to charge straight into her direction, screaming, “This time, woman, I got you, HAAA!”

With ease, Anna had time to move out of the way. Instead of a simple move to the left or the right, she wanted to add more of an insult than just a counter. Anna winked at Bone Crusher to anger him more.

In rage, Bone Crusher charged right at her. In one fluid motion, Anna smacked her right hand onto Bone Crusher’s face and leapfrogged over his back.

Once he had passed under her, Anna mule kicked him in the back. Bone Crusher looked shocked as the impact caused him to stumble down a ditch that Anna purposely stood in front of. She landed away from the ditch and turned to watch this calamity unfold.

Since his hands were still tied together, Bone Crusher tumbled all the way down screaming colorful metaphors about Anna. He landed face-first on the ground. Anna knew that this fall would only hurt his ego than his cybernetic body and started laughing at him, “Hey bub! I bet that hurt. So much for the Great Bone...”

Anna stopped laughing as she felt a gush of wind blow forcibly down onto her body, “What the...hell?”

Anna looked up at a big oval ship in the Martian sky. Four wings and a mammoth size Vulcan cannon was pointing in their direction. The ship swiftly came down from the high altitude and hovered above them.

Anna could barely make out the insignia on the side of the ship as the searchlights glared brightly at them.

Something isn’t right. There shouldn’t be anyone else out there in the Badlands. Earth’s Security, wait a sec. What the hell are they doing out here?

The ESF ship opened the rest of its main gun ports on the front two wings and turned on the secondary searchlights. A voice from the ship announced, “Freeze! You are all violating Earth’s restricted zone! You will be shot if you do not comply!”

While Anna was focusing on the ship, Bone Crusher thought he saw an opportunity to

escape. While he tried to pass by her, Anna was quick to respond to his actions.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

Damn it! he thought as he tried to run. Before Anna could get to him, the Earth’s ship cut

off his escape route by flying in front of him and said with authority, “Last warning. Do not proceed.”

Caught off guard by the swiftness of the ship’s movements, Bone Crusher accidentally stumbled forward. A barrage of bullets tore through his head and torso. As he fell, his blood trickled down in front of Anna’s feet. She looked upon the crimson river that flowed around her in disbelief.

Slowly, she peered back up to the ship. With intense rage, she yelled, “Hey asshole, what the hell do you think you are doing? That was my prisoner!”

Anna went for her badge in the back pocket of her pant. The ship began to land and transformed to fit a ground assault. The wings separated and reconfigured into legs, spreading like a spider and the Vulcan cannon extended as the secondary gun ports attached themselves onto the searchlights.

“Put your hands up, now! This is your only warning.”

She flicked him off and showed her badge. With authority, she yelled, “That’s what I say about your authority! I am the goddamn cop here! You are interfering with my invest...”

The voice interrupted her. “I don’t care who you are, lady! If you come any closer, you will be fired upon just like your so-called prisoner!”

The standoff between her and the ESF’s mech continued. Anna’s patience was running thin. The last thing she wanted was to be stuck with an Earthier with an itchy finger.

Okay, no problem here, she thought. I can take on this asshole. As long as there aren’t any more of these...

Just before she could finish her thought, Anna noticed little red dots appearing all over her body. Out from the starry night, more of the ESF mechs came down and hovered around them. Armed with heavy arsenal, the ESF troopers began to surround her, cutting off all escapes routes.

Anna finished her thought, guys...okay, I guess it is still not a problem. As long they don’t find my other prisoner, I can finish talking my way out of this quickly.

Due to the firepower that these troopers were handling, Anna’s suspicions grew that were not just ordinary security units. What she had stepped into was above her pay scale. Since she left New Dicon city’s limit, her jurisdiction had ended. There was not much she could do right now.

Suddenly, Anna heard a distant gunshot. One of the other troopers in the background spoke loud enough for her to hear. “We got another one. He tried to escape.”

Frowning, she screamed as she held up her badge for the second time, “Alright, boys, do you know what this is? I am an officer of the New Dicon police. Again, I am saying that you are all interfering in police business. So you can do this the easy way or...”

The main Mech who stopped her fired a warning shot before her feet. The red sand of Mars fell on top of her head as she continued to say, “...the hard way.”

By now, all of the troopers were pointing laser-tip rifles at her. Their targeting lasers were covering every part of her vital organs. Smirking, Anna looked up to the troopers and said, “So, y’all want to do this the hard way.”

Just out of their sights, Anna’s back muscles started to tense up with the anticipation of the coming fight with the Earth’s Security Force. She could feel her body transitioning from flesh to metal. Her long, flowing red hair covered most of the parts that were transforming. It was a matter of time before they figured out what she was. As Anna tensed her forearms and then triceps, her metallic form was about to be revealed.

Her back was metaphorically against a wall and she almost gave in to her anger when her ear-bud began to buzz.

Anna’s communication device was finally working. This made her stop before she could act. Anna checked it to see if it was Sergeant Simms.

“Anna, this is Lieutenant Mitchell. Please stop! Do not take them on!”

“Stacy, get the Serge on,” said Anna as quietly as possible.

“Okay, but just...” Stacy was interrupted by Anna saying, “Don’t worry, I can handle


“Anna this is...” Sergeant Simms was also interrupted by Anna. “Serge, what the hell is

the ESF doing here?” “Shhhhh!”

Damn it, not again, thought Anna.

Anna’s long ears twitched a bit as she could hear some of them talking about her. The troopers had recognized her from the underground fights that she regularly visited. There had been rumors of a female cop taking on multiple fighters and winning without a scratch.

“No way, that is her.”

“Man, I saw her fight the other day. She is the one who took down the Butcher of Dicon with one shot. If we don’t hit her first, we’re good as dead.”

“Shit, I don’t think I want to do this. She is a cop after all.”

“Doesn’t matter, we have our orders.”

Anna could hear the fear in their voices and tensions were now wearing thin. “Anna, do you read me?” said Simms as the communication device in her ear

reconnected. “Anna, stand down!”

“But Serge, they killed the perpetrators that I just arrested,” said Anna.

“I know, Anna,” said Simms, “Since we lost contact with you the first time, our people

have been trying to reach you. We have been monitoring your situation by piggybacking onto an Earth security force’s satellite. Again, Anna, do not proceed or take any action. Those guys are from the Earth’s government security force. They do have jurisdiction there. If you do attack them, this could give them enough reason to shut us down. For now, cooperate with them.”

Knowing that she could take them on with no problem, Anna decided not to take any action that could harm her fellow cops. “Okay, boss, I won’t. Besides, they were no match anyway.”

“Sorry that we couldn’t give you any backup,” said Simms.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” said Anna as she closed her eyes to calm down. Her body reverted from metal to flesh. Reluctantly, Anna raised her hands and surrendered. The security forces were apprehensive knowing who she was and they were not too sure if this was a trick.

Without an incident, Anna allowed them to handcuff her, smiling as they placed her into the holding truck. As soon as they shut the door, Anna quickly unlocked her hands and threw the cuffs out the barred window. She tagged one of the ESF troopers on the back of his helmet. Angry at Anna’s actions, he started to turn back around, when his fellow troopers held him back. He wasn’t going to win this one and the others knew that.

Her momentary enjoyment fleeted away as Anna sat down with her arms crossed. All she could do now was to wait for the long ride to the Earth’s government holding cells. This was not a good day for her.

Out of the opposite window of the holding truck, Anna noticed someone at a distance looking down at the scene. She got up and leaned over to see if she could make out who was running this operation. As Anna focused her eyes on them, she could see two men standing on top of a hill. Like her body, her eyes were augmented to see further than human capability.

One of the men was watching her using binoculars. He had a goatee with slick black hair and was dressed in a long silver-gray trench coat. On the right side of his coat was an emblem of the Earth’s Security Force. His name was Lance Storm, the newly promoted Earth’s chief of security for Mars.

Standing right beside the car dressed in a deep blue suit was a smaller man with a parted

haircut, the representative and head scientist of the CTC (Cyber-genetic Technology Corporation), Dr. John Lorick. Both of them were over an operation to explore a once-secret abandoned laboratory used during the war between Earth and Mars.

Lance asked, “Who is this woman?”

“I think she is from the New Dicon police,” John replied.

“But she didn’t know that this place was a secured zone and off limits to everyone?” “Maybe she was the cause of that explosion.”


Lance thought Anna was cute. He slightly blushed as he realized that Anna could see

him from that distance. Lance continued to watch and noticed that Anna was flicking him off.

At that time, John opened the door and got inside. He looked at his watch. It was around

six pm Earth’s time.

John smiled as he knew the real reason for the explosion. His men from CTC were

ordered to use the distraction to take any info and technology that belonged to them during the war.

A perfect plan, he thought as the car phone rang. It was from the retrieval team inside an abandoned lab. He picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Sir, we are here and on our way to the bottom of the lab.”

John looked up to see if Lance was listening in. He wasn’t. John softly said, “Good, once you get the main package, destroy all other evidence that cannot be retrieved.”

“Will do, but what about the scientists in the upper levels?”

“Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.”

“Ahh, sir?”

“We cannot have any witnesses. Do you copy?”

“I copy that, sir.”

As John hung up the phone, Lance surprised him by opening the vehicle door.

“I guess we can head back now, Dr. Lorick.”

“Yeah sure, but before we head back, I would like to talk with this woman. Can we go

down there first?”

“That is fine, but not for long. I want this interrogation to be over as soon as possible.” John smiled cockily and looked at his watch. Other than the Red Skulls improvising by

trying to kill this cop with the bomb that he gave them, this was going almost exactly as planned. No one in the Earth’s Government was the wiser that this was his doing.

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