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Living Like the Future Matters


Loved it! 😍

Very educational, uplifting, and enlightening. I really enjoyed following Donna on her journey.

We're following a memoir of Donna's experience living life the usual way hoping to achieve the American dream just like everybody else. Then we see her deviate from these ways as she grows to become more educated on eco issues within our planet that we as a society are making worse every year and no one seems to care.

We follow Donna on a journey of starting eco friendly businesses which as a business graduate I find fascinating and it was great to see a new way to business than what we usually see where it's all about the money and nothing more. Donna has found a way to be not just a successful and incredible business woman who is an inspiration to all wannabe successful business women but also do it with great morals.

Learning how our food choices affect the planet was greatly eye opening, I would never have thought such simple foods would be so problematic but I feel so pleased that I have had my mind opened and that I am now aware of these things.

To see how Donna completely re evaluated everything she was doing and had previously done and instead reflected and improved her way of life and in turn, herself was magical to be part of. It has helped me understand my own journey better and the future paths I may want to take, it's a great lesson learner to have read this story.

Another great part is not just the mental and emotional journey you take through this book but also geographically. Donna has traveled to many places; New Jersey, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii. Reading this as a non American, it was nice to read about the atmosphere in these places when I haven't been able to experience it for myself.

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Donna shares the wisdom from Nature to inspire others to Live Like the Future Matters. Through writing, nature photography, and educational courses, Donna encourages us to pursue a greater world for ourselves, humanity, and our precious Mother Earth. She offers writing and holistic retreats in HI. view profile

Published on June 01, 2020

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