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Living From Eternity: Live Out Heaven's Reality As you Walk The Earth


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Unlock Your Spiritual Potential — to See, Experience, and Rule from the Heavenly Realms!

You have been translated and are now a citizen of the Kingdom of Light. You are designed to live in close communion with Heaven, the way Jesus did. He saw and knew things no one else did, and He gave us that ability by the Holy Spirit. As a son of God, in Jesus, you have the same ability to live and walk in the Heavenly realms.

By the Spirit, every believer has access to the hidden mysteries of God’s heart — mysteries that are freely revealed to those who desire Him. Explore your makeup and what you’re inherently capable of, in light of God’s original creation. In getting a glimpse of what happened before our world was made, and what God’s intent was in making Man, you will discover the truth of your identity and learn fundamental principles that will help you solve life’s toughest, yet most practical questions.

God wants You to be a supernatural being in a natural world — It’s who You are!

Appropriation of Faith

I remember the night I had a vision, it was more vivid than watching a futuristic movie in 8K. I experienced a real-time visualization of what happens through the working of faith. As I was lying in bed, I saw faith emanating from my being. It was like millions of tiny beams of sharp multicolored light. They radiated out of me like lasers. And as I watched, these beams of light began to materialize my thoughts and intentions around me like a real-life 3D printer. They looked like nano-particles forming my reality, as it projected from my intention.

While experiencing the vision, I knew that faith was framing and manifesting my physical life exactly according to my intention.

We’ve been taught that we need to 'exercise’ faith for whatever we want to see happen in our lives. While that’s true, it's just one of the two ways to appropriate faith for what we want. 

The kind of faith that needs you to exercise appropriation to manifest your desire is your own faith! This requires you to actively create your own reality of what you want to see happen, and believe for it. While it's also good, it requires participation on your part. You need to meditate and stay firm about what you believe.

It's not as though God is up in Heaven rewarding those who exercise faith. Faith works out as a spiritual law that responds to our will and desire. As sons of God, we draw from the resources of Heaven by appropriating faith that's within us. A perfect example of this is the woman with the issue of blood, mentioned in the Bible. This is how we draw from Heaven using our own faith. It requires using the law of faith. 

 However, in the Heavenly realms, we’re already living in the fulness of Life. As we continue to make the Spirit our primary reality, the appropriation of faith becomes automatic — this is called Eternal Life. The faith that manifests our desire without active appropriation on our part is the faith of Jesus, because it is appropriated on our behalf by the Spirit of faith. 

We’re inhabiting our spiritual reality by the Spirit. It's through Him that we experience the things of Heaven — this in itself is an automatic appropriation of faith. 

As sons of God, we are extremely powerful creative-light beings. What we believe, emanates from our being in the form of light (and sound) frequencies that materializes our physical reality. We create realities by consciously projecting our intentions into formation. This is one of the most powerful forms of appropriation as we know it. Jesus walked in this kind of glory. 

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I am an author, speaker, and design professional. I have a deep desire to see individuals find purpose in life through discovering their very own unique personal relationship with their Heavenly Father. I love photography, creative arts, and socializing! view profile

Published on June 26, 2020

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