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Little Rabbit and the Grumpy-Poos


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Pleasantly illustrated book that teaches children to stand up to negativity and build a solid sense of self-worth

Little Rabbit and the Grumpy-Poos is a delightful book aimed at younger children and meant to teach them self-worth and standing up to negativity. If you have been around young children at play, you know how cruel they can be. Parents can ensure a kinder, more inclusive playground by teaching children kindness, empathy, and tolerance. However, the world is not ideal so it is also important to teach your child to stand up against mockery and bullying.

I can't say what technique has been used for the illustrations in this book, but I like the soft and fuzzy look of the drawings and the muted, brownish-orange color scheme. It adds to the calming effect of the whole book.

Little Rabbit is a cheerful young bunny who wakes up every morning looking forward to the fun the day will bring. Each day, she meets a new animal and plays with it the entire afternoon. However, the animals tell her that she isn't good enough. This makes her sad but her grandmother reassures her that if she had fun, she's good enough.

Children are introduced to the days of the week and the names of various animals, apart from the lesson that if you're happy with yourself, that's good enough. They learn that people may try to pull them down, but they shouldn't feel sad about it because it doesn't matter. They should also stand up to bullies and tell them that they don't need their approval.

This is a pleasant book with a great message for children--something that will keep them flipping the pages back and forth for a long time.

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Every morning Little Rabbit wakes up happy and is excited to face her day. But throughout the day her friends end up bringing her down leaving her sad and upset.
Will she learn to deal with the situation and finally stand up to her friends?
This heartwarming and empowering story comes to life with beautiful and unique illustrations by Ricardo Nunez Suarez.
The book will teach children to believe in themselves and to stand up to negative people.
It can also be used to introduce young children to concepts like empathy, boundaries and emotions.

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Published on November 30, 2020

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