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Lineage: A History in Faith


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Lineage follows Jamaican politics and history, a Jamaican family, and Jeddah. It begins with the Lion’s illustrious funeral, spanning a century and moving back and forth through a history marred by tribulations, immigration, and sacrifice. The book follows a nomadic, immigrant life across three states, and Jamaica. It is a unique look at an island that is typically only seen through the lens of tourism, resorts, and Bob Marley.

While the Lion was masterful at politics, his dedication came at the expense of his marriage and the welfare of his five children, each of whom suffered neglect and struggled to live up to his illustrious and unbesmirched reputation. Ultimately, repercussions of the Cold War and the family’s position on the island caused the emmigration of the entire clan, with the exception of the Lion.

Jeddah, one of the Lion’s many grandchildren, became entangled in the fallout of the family’s dysfunction to a greater degree than all the others. In addition to the Lion’s ancestry, she had to contend with the history of her paternal family. To whom she was returned and narrowly escaped from only to find herself entangled in INS and the FBI.

The Lion

As with all history, family or otherwise, the teller bears the burden of truth and can only tell it through their lens. So, in telling this history, there may be philosophical differences among those affected by historical events, but the beauty is in the truth of the history, not the perspective of the teller. 

The Lion, a strong, indomitable, moral, righteous man, born of dysfunction, began the Adamson line. His life choices, though he gave his best effort, led to havoc. His death and subsequent funeral wrought wreckage on one of the most promising of his line.  Who, like all displaced immigrants, searched through much turmoil in the hopes of finding a connection: A place to which to belong.   Only the strong of whom do not bow to assimilation, but chose to maintain their homelands wherever they find their residence even if that place only lives safely within their heart and souls.  

This is a story true to all overachieving immigrants.  The children of immigrants who are outwardly perfect while hiding the physical and emotional scars of abuse at the adept hands of duplicitous abusers, parents, who are capable of appearing strong and shrouded in Godly sacrificial perfection in public.  While you, the immigrant child, are ridiculed verbally and  assaulted physically, with impunity.  You hide yourself in public buried deep within the shell of perfection.  Trained in silence.  Trained to be seen and not heard. A child broken to the will of the parent, in visage only,  not in truth.  

Victim never was I.  Victim never will I be.  I, like you, hid my true self from my abusers to escape.  I learned to hide in plain sight from true masters of the craft.  

A precious few, to this point, have known my unambiguous story.  With this telling I pull back the veil and invite you to join me in liberation. Trust the wisdom of my country man and fellow survivor, Bob Marley, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.  None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Selah. Jah peace be with you always. 

About the author

Michelle Thompson is a freelance non-profit grant writer who has founded four successful companies She is an advocate against domestic violence and an active mentor to vulnerable preteen and teenaged girls. Above all, Ms. Thompson is a wife and mother. Lineage is her first memoir. view profile

Published on September 21, 2020

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