Life is not in Black and White


Loved it! 😍

This is the perfect book for our times! Very true and interesting story that helps us to see each other as potential relatives.

This is a very interesting and true story, which will make you think about children with identity struggles. This book is meant to help children and adults see everyone, from all identities, as potential relatives.

The story is based on a small girl, who looks white, but wants to be black just like her mom. Her mom tries to explain to her how genetics works, but she doesn't quite understand it. Her mom also tells her about her black racial identity, and how she has been treated as a black person, but being a small child she doesn't see how this could be possible. Her mom tells her she is happy she looks white, because she will not be held back in the same way she was. Yet, she faces her own struggles being black, but looking white. Some blacks don't want her to do some things, simply because she looks white.

While this is a good story, it is not a bed-time story. It would be best to read this book in a classroom or a library, when children are awake and psychologically present. It is particularly ideal for school-aged children who have started the long process of coming to terms with their racial identity.

This picture book is only 21 pages long and is an easy read for young conscientious readers. The artwork is pleasing and easy on the eyes, and compliments the story well.

The story is written from the point of view of a child, so it's easy to see why she struggles. It's also easy for small children to relate to her. The best part of this story is her adorable indomitably childlike manner - this will definitely bring a smile to your face!

I enjoyed this book and would encourage any parent to read this book along with their child.

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Meant for primary school aged children, this book is based on real life, real genes, and real nasty people. Seen from a unique racial perspective, this book is intended to turn down the mean and turn up the love, for all people black and white.

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Working as a professionally trained American Engineer, this moonlighting author has a message to share with the world. "The future should be colorless. It is time to stop reliving our past and focus on what we can change; our own perspectives. Life is not in black and white." view profile

Published on July 15, 2020

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