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Life is My Teacher


Worth reading 😎

Profound questions lead to life choices others may not always understand; some are meant to travel to discover who they're meant to be.

My literary agent has always told me to not write for self but for the benefit of others. This book draws a fine line; however, "the most powerful thing about a person is their story" (page 116; Life is My Teacher).

Life is my Teacher is fraught with English language miss-steps; but, when English isn't an author's first language many things can be forgiven. Although the manuscript itself is a bit rough, it's still laid out in a fashion that starts at the beginning and follows all things through to an open-ended finish that's inspirational.

The golden nuggets of thought and wisdom are hidden within the text. This is a memoir, and one woman's story; but, her courage to try new things is something worth following after and aspiring to replicate.

Refreshing to read and acknowledge that the typical school system, and way of the masses, truly doesn't work for everyone; and, isn't always necessary to be a success. Success, after all, should be defined by the person living their life and not determined by those who are on the outside looking in.

As the author's Dad told her, "Shoot your shot"; we only have one life to live and we might as well take the opportunities before us when they come our way. To know oneself takes discovering who you are. You do this through trial and error; and, by following after your intuition. You do this by following your inner-voice and that of your ancestors.

"In each of us, we are carrying on our ancestor's dreams, legacy, desires, traumas, and energy generation to generation. It is up to us to choose what blueprint we want to see or pass on to our lives and the next generation" (page 68-69; Life is My Teacher).

My wish for everyone who reads this author's words, as well as my own, is for you to experience a freedom that affords you the belief that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have; the freedom and subsequent belief the author experienced and recorded on page 79 of her book Life is My Teacher.

If you enjoy memoirs, a walk down someone else's memory lane; and, if you look to be inspired by the choices of another in hopes that you too might someday be so brave; then, this book is for you! A solid three stars; a good read.

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Published on April 30, 2020

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