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Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism


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If your mother criticizes the very way you breathe, but treats you like you're being too sensitive, you may have a Lemon Mom.

There are many kinds of moms in this world. There are moms that make you toast cut in three pieces when you're sick. There are moms who make sure that you knew you were loved and cared for. Then, there are the moms who treated their children like if they breathed the wrong way they were responsive for heinous war crimes. While no mother is perfect, maternal narcissism is very real thing that can do lasting damage well into adulthood. Lemon Moms is for the percentage of the population struggling to break free from gaslighting mothers and emotional abuse.

Author Diane Metcalf grew up with a dangerous mother. While the title of this book playfully refers to those surviving maternal narcissism as having "lemon moms," a play off lemon or defective vehicles, this is some serious information. Metcalf treats the reader as an intelligent friend, guiding them through experiences that as a child the reader may have been taught to believe were normal. She's careful to explain what maternal narcissism is, why its dangerous, and how adult behaviors may mirror childhood experiences from said danger. Narcissism is so dangerous because gaslighting techniques make the child suffering from their parent's behavior believe that they in fact deserving of the treatment or are imagining something that isn't there. It's not uncommon for one of these "lemon" moms to tell a child they are "over-reacting" or being "too sensitive" after a brutal verbal attack on everything the child has done from simple being born to breathing.

Metcalf focuses on moms not from some inbound misogyny, but rather because she is familiar mostly with her own experienced with her own mom. I would have loved to have heard more about male figures doing the same thing, as some who are close to me have experienced the same behaviors from their fathers. Still, there is a great deal of support that can be taken from this book and shared with other who may not have had a toxic mother, but are trying to get out from under manipulative attempts.

Lemon Moms is a great starting place to teach the reader how to identify the behaviors, shut down manipulations and remove the drama from their day-to-day interactions with their narcissist if they are unable to avoid them entirely. Metcalf does an incredible job of setting out a path for those wanting to break out, while still encouraging the reader to seek professional help and support so as not to suffer alone.

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Diane Metcalf is an experienced advocate, speaker, and writer on the topics of domestic violence, abuse, and family dysfunction. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and has worked in the field of domestic violence and abuse. She shares her insights in the LEMON MOMS SERIES with others who want to heal. view profile

Published on August 13, 2020

Published by Image and Aspect Media

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