Legendary Hearts of Horses


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A remarkable peek into the extraordinary feats of otherwise normal horses and documentation to support the growing theory of the mega-heart.

Legendary Hearts of Horses by Adrienne N. Neary gives the reader a brief overview of the remarkable feats of a few well-known horses throughout history with Secretariat leading the charge. The author substantiates the mega-heart or ‘X-factor theory’ with viable proof through scientific evidence and sire lineage concluding that the spontaneous mutation theory of equines is highly improbable. The author undisputedly proves that the sheer power, will, and determination of a horse whose spirit remains intact can achieve the insurmountable through both its lineage and a nurturing environment.

She lays forth her case with years of research as the backbone of her argument. I was shocked to learn that the size of a horse’s heart varied from 1.5 to 2 times the normal size in episodes of extraordinary equestrian accomplishments. However, the frequent use of direct quotes from published works disrupts the beauty of the author’s own words, creating hiccups in an otherwise beautiful and eloquent ode to the indomitable spirit of the horse. 

This book is a quick read and will appeal to those who appreciate the realm of equestrian knowledge. The author may have intended to prove that the size of a horse’s heart makes all the difference and that decades of accomplishments aren’t just happenstance; but, after the book’s conclusion, I connected more to the undeniable mystery of a horse’s ability to connect to the human race.

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Secretariat, 1970 -1989

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Adrienne Neary: equestrian, author, illustrator, researcher, Equine Energy Technician. She studied with world renowned Masters Dr. Henri van Schaik and Dr. John Harvey Gray, pioneered a novel form of horse care/training and created a globally recognized line of equine anatomy charts. view profile

Published on April 15, 2021

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