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Legend of the White Magician


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A remarkable rendition of an alternate Russia of the 1920s, intriguing, mysterious and indicative of Russian spirit and pride.

For starters, the author successfully transports the readers to an alternate Russia after World War 1, delivering an astonishingly genuine feeling in the readers' hearts.

What is crucial in this epic fantasy novel, is the human element, in the sense of Russian soldiers, peasants and any other characters. The ideologies, beliefs, whims and quirks behind every single character are beautifully captured and utilized in order to promote the plot of the story and imbue it with genuineness and diversity. Truly, some of the dialogues of the novel could have undoubtedly been carried out, whether the Tsar was a black sorcerer or not.

Secondly, the supernatural element in the story is rich and echoes very strongly, despite the fact that very little supernatural conflict is actually written on paper. Reanimated dark sorcerers, mystical artifacts, desolate mountains filled with dark secrets, as well as references to old European paganism and folk tales, maintain a constant level of interest and intrigue in the eyes of the reader.

However, the story, unfortunately, leaves a flavor that is too Russian, and that may not be well received by all readers, on an international level. Most of the characters speak and act in the exact same manner and when it comes to politics, there is very little except the two fighting sides, the Republic and the Imperialists, and this duality is a concept which is well worn-out in this genre.

On the other hand, if this novel feels utterly Russian, it is arguably successful in its endeavor. Still, one must consider if the story veers more towards magical realism than the epic fantasy genre, since it delivers the realistic Russian aspects magnificently.

Nevertheless, the plot flows masterfully, the dialogues are extremely interesting and potent, and the story ends with many loose ends that make one immediately go search for the sequel! I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone, because it is a novel and daring concept that will keep one on his or her toes!

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Published on September 24, 2019

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