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Last Thursday


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Murder, adultery, passion: this is a story of a marriage at the brink, bound together by an impossible secret and an impossible choice

Personally, my favourite genres to read are thrillers and mysteries. I love the feeling of being hung in suspense, and that's exactly what this book did. When we first meet Audrey and Timothy, they are a cold and emotionally distant couple on the verge of divorce following years of loss, infidelity and grief. Audrey, finally with the courage to leave him, suggests they go to dinner in order to discuss the course their relationship should take. But when the dutch courage is taken a little too far, and both end up drunk, Timothy insists on driving home and it's here things deteriorate further. When they hit something and wreck the front of their car, they assume it's a deer. But when they wake up the following morning to news reports of a hit and run in the exact area they had their accident, they have to face the truth. Not only are they Audrey and Timothy, two people bound together in a loveless marriage, but they're also now bound together because they are murderers. As the evidence begins to stack against them, Audrey finds herself considering the impossible: a life without Timothy, forever.

Going into this book, I was initially quite sceptical. As I mentioned, this is my favourite genre, but it's also a genre to do very wrong, very easily. Fortunately, that wasn't the case with this book. Dale Robbins grips the reader's attention from the offset with the environment they create with their style of writing, I felt Audrey's grief and dismay at the state of her life almost immediately; not only was she in a loveless and unfaithful marriage, but she was also a childless parent, recovering from the loss of her child. A writer stuck to writing children's books for which she has no passion for, instead, her passions lying in crime, only she never thought her life would become the crime itself.

Robbins writing is gripping, suspenseful and flows incredibly well, the reader gets a good sense for who these characters are, how they feel about their lives and the book balances between giving detail and leaving enough for the reader's own imagination. It's difficult to write a crime book when you already know who the people responsible are, but this book did the job magically. I would say as a point of critique, I found it a little listing in places, but nothing that distracted from the overall story flow. PLUS THAT ENDING?! I urge you to read this book.

Trigger Warnings: murder, infidelity, death of an infant, plot to murder, mental illnesses

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Dale Robbins grew up in small towns across America—from Ohio to Louisiana and back—before finally settling in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by authors like Gillian Flynn and Stephen King, he decided to pursue his lifelong passion for writing. Last Thursday is his second novel. view profile

Published on October 24, 2020

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