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Keziah's Song


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A beautiful look at human emotion and morality through love and hardships and their immortality.

Keziah's Song looks at human grief, trauma, morality, and what it means to live with them - something Potter's characters must grapple with in 135 BCE just as we do now. To me, this is an almost surefire mark of a successful historical fiction novel - barring any major issues with character, plot, etc. The universal yet unique experiences remain fascinating to us today as we search for answers, and continually find there is no easy way. The journey of Potter's characters mirrors those every one of us has to go through in our lives.

Keziah's grief and Joazar's internal crisis over his ideals and beliefs struck me the most. Potter does a beautiful job of showing how important and all-consuming these thoughts and emotions can be to a person, and has some thoughtful points to add. Lines such as: "If there is an ideal that fails but is still true, should a man pursue it?" stuck with me after finishing. Potter doesn't present anything groundbreaking which hasn't been explored before, but what she does look at are points that I come back to time and time again, in books and studies and my own thoughts. Forcing its readers to think about these same ideas in new ways makes this book a must-read.

Keziah's Song seems well researched, rooted in daily life as well as historical events and with full consideration of former customs. The result is relative historical accuracy with allowances for storytelling and such. I find authors often slip startling progressiveness into stories that would be ideal but as a reader often snaps me out. Potter balances a good level of progressive tendencies with the actual possibility of belief. While these are still likely inaccurate, Potter has managed to frame her characters and story in such a way that they fit into her world.

I would definitely recommend this book to fellow historical fiction lovers and those who enjoy a thoughtful read. I wouldn't be surprised to one day see Potter heralded for her latest analysis of timeless human emotions and experiences.

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I fell in love with reading when I was eight years old, and after that it was hard to get my nose out of a book. I review a variety of genres, but gravitate most towards historical fiction. Nothing beats the excitement of a new adventure, and I love connecting others with theirs!

135 BCE

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Daryl Potter has been a musician, carpenter, nurse, chicken catcher, medical lab technician, IT manager and banking product manager. He has explored Egypt, Turkey and Israel, studied Alexandrian Greek and Hebrew poetry, been bitten by a wolf in Canada and attacked by a rattlesnake in California. view profile

Published on March 29, 2021

Published by Paper Stone Press

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Fiction

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