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Just Like Her


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A ripped from the headlines story about a small town with a big problem; a murderer is on the loose

While other serial killer books take a journalist story form Just Like Her starts with a prologue. Here is the mind of a captive. It is a great opener. It is an excellent example of character thoughts. Danica Winters sets the atmosphere. The protagonist Brooke is the investigator seeking the identity of the serial killer. She is also dealing with internal struggles. She made the wrong romantic choices. She is the sheriff's daughter. Some think she may not have earned her position. She cares about her job.

I almost forgot Winters was telling a true story. She did it right in getting me to care about what happens. There were some tense scenes that made me uncomfortable. I think a good book does that. When the chapter opens, the scene is set. A pigsty. The investigators are rifling through the muck for bones. They are sizing each other up.

The B story is about the captive, Jasmine. She caters to her tormentor, Frank in an effort to keep him calm. If you read the book you will come to find he has no redeemable qualities.

As for Brooke, I think she was intended as a guarded character. She is teamed up with FBI agent Sawyer. At first, it seems like an odd pairing. They have different music tastes and food preferences. She considers him an intruder. Sawyer has good instincts and wants to put her at ease. They both want to catch the murderer.

One thing I look for if the struggle is essential to the plot. When it switches to the past it is gruesome, it's excruciating. But it's needed. It fits the tone of a true-crime thriller. Readers will know who the villain is and you will want to see him punished. He is presented in his true form. He is a monster.

So who would like this book? True-crime thriller fans who are comfortable with explicit details.

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I am a reader of a few genres but I have a particular fondness for the psychological thriller. I am comfortable reading about dark topics. I usually find my next read from random online discoveries. I usually rotate between reading a few books.


About the author

Danica (DJ) Winters is a Publishers Weekly, Walmart, & Amazon bestselling author who has won multiple awards for writing books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense. Her greatest joy is hearing the worlds she creates have helped provide escape. view profile

Published on November 24, 2020

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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