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Journey to the Son


Must read 🏆

Motherhood described like never before. From the ashes: Hard fought, hard won; what was lost was found. Powerful, raw, beautiful honesty.

Some may read this book and think that it should have a star knocked off due to a handful of minor editorial errors/oversights; however, then they would be reviewing from a far too technical standpoint. This book deserves nothing less than 5 stars!

As someone who has worked within the Child and Family Services System in America, this book is a stunning and absolutely true representation of what one finds there. An unflinching look that includes the language, abuse, manipulation; deescalation techniques, justice system, etc. for exactly what they are. A no holds barred, an open book, that takes us all towards this authoress' son.

Multi-layered, you're brought into the authoress' life. Her losses and gains are breath-taking within their detail. Told somewhat nonchalantly at times, as if what she lived through (in some ways) was to be expected; yet, there's such underlying heartache.

When ones biological clock is ticking it's hard to wait on God to move. Often we, as women, go out and seek for ourselves; but, not first His kingdom. We settle for "good enough" or "almost perfect". We compromise in pursuit of what we want most: Motherhood. When we take the wheel from God's hands the outcome will almost always end up a wreck. We live and we learn; but, this doesn't remove the heartbreak or lessen the sting for what we had hoped would have been.

Then, the ray of sunlight from the most unexpected of places. Fostering leads to mothering and undeniable bonds are created and you know this is it! This is what you've been waiting for. You're a mom! It's that simple and that complicated. If only it were motherhood with no strings attached; but, those strings are still there long after the umbilical cord has been severed.'s tag-line fits this book well: "Generationally linked, all women are mothers; teach what's good to those following in your footsteps." All women mothers. In the end, it doesn't matter how motherhood comes about, what matters is how you mother. Are you willing to sacrifice self, from a well-spring of love; laying your life down for the life of another?

Thank you, Carla A. Carlisle, for sharing with us your story and that of your son. Thank you, Ashley Eiland, for helping her bring this book together, writing it out, and making it breathe as if it too were living. Well done!

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Carla is an author, speaker, and child and mental health advocate. She penned her memoir, Journey to the Son, to prompt discussions about the lasting, often perilous, impact of trauma many children suffer from adverse childhood experiences. view profile

Published on January 01, 2019

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