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Journey into the Heart of Reality


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This book of astonishing psychedelic revelations will swing the doors of perception wide open, enabling you to see the breathtaking magnificence and beatitude of the pulsating Heart of Reality.

As the Great Seers (Maharishis) of Vedic times pierced through the veils of illusion and saw in astonishment the magnificent Divine Language at the Source of Creation, so is the author of the "Journey into the Heart of Reality" has been blessed to break through all illusory boundaries into the highest realm of the Supreme Divine Language - the dynamic source-code - the creatrix of all realities. In this exalted state of SAMAVESHA (Divine Possession) he realised his full identity with the creative power of God-Absolute and experienced Divine Ecstasy of the Absolute Freedom.

Weaved around philosophy of Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi and Abhinavagupta, cutting-edge science of Quantum mechanics, Conscious realism, Emergence and Simulation theories and scriptural knowledge of Yoga and Tantra, "Journey into the Heart of Reality" offers its own unique view on the True Nature of Reality.

Together with the scintillating autobiography and extensive philosophy, this book offers one of the most powerful spiritual practice: "Kumbhaka Prana Yoga" which was specifically designed to bring earnest aspirant to Spiritual Enlightenment.


‘Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.’

~ Walt Whitman ~

My dear reader, the book you are holding is just one of the numerous clues that your own intelligence-energy has created for you. It is a reminder of your real nature, about which you’ve forgotten, when you drunk the magic waters from the lake of forgetfulness while you were wandering in the Bardo (intermediate between death and rebirth) state. This book is one of the countless clues serving as your ‘wake up to Reality’ call.

 Reality itself is beyond words, imagination, descriptions, or any comparisons, because there nothing exists apart from It, and so It can never be compared. Nevertheless, It is the substratum of all existence – the unborn, undying, ever-existing Absolute Being - your True Nature.

 This Absolute Reality, without shadow of a doubt, can, and when the time is ripe, will be known and experienced by you, for your True Self is not different from It. You are identical with It. Atman (Soul) is Brahman (Absolute)…

 Of course, this vast world with its multiplicity of various forms, sounds, objects, living beings, stars, galaxies, history and countless activities, appears to be very real and separate from you, existing independently of your perceptions of it. It seems to be an objective reality, governed by the laws of nature, or by the laws of a supreme being with an infinitely superior intelligence and power than yours. Your senses and mind, which themselves are the instruments of Maya (illusion), constantly confirm the status of the world as objective reality. Moreover, it seems to be filled with meaning, purpose, love, beauty and happiness, inevitably paired with its opposites: the meaninglessness, purposelessness, hatred, ugliness and sadness. Your human intelligence seems to be very limited in comparison with the intelligence of the One who creates the cosmos and life.

 However, it is your True Self, which is the same as Divine Consciousness, Supreme Intelligence-Energy, the grand unified field of all possibilities, or God, that creates this apparent manifestation, this dream in which you appear as a limited individual confined within your body-cage.

 That reality, which exists eternally, without beginning or end, is incomprehensible by the mind or senses. It is unbroken, undivided, indestructible, formless, prior to any appearances, the nameless One… But for the convenience of somehow giving it a definition, we can call it ‘Existence’ or ‘Being’.

 This ‘Being’ cannot not be! It always is. Such is its nature.

 ‘Non-being’ by its very definition, does not exist.

 This Being – God – stands above of all the recognisable world. To understand God, to know God, one must become God, or realise one’s total identity within God, not through the intellect only, but through the totality of one’s being. This infinite Being cannot be comprehended by the finite mind or senses, but because it is reality itself, it can be experienced and realised directly by the entirety of your whole being, as your own True Identity!

 The nature of this ‘Being’ is the Supreme Intelligence – Absolute Consciousness!

 This fundamental Being-Consciousness does not require space or time for its existence, rather, non-fundamental space and time themselves derive their existence from this unfathomable Absolute Being.

 This Being-Consciousness did not suddenly spring into existence from the ‘non-being’. Self-existent, beginning-less, origin-less, eternal, it is the origin of everything.

 This Being-Consciousness has never ever been absent. It never began, and it will never end.

 In its highest, or primal state, the nature of this Being-Consciousness is bliss beyond belief. The ancient Hindu scriptures describe this reality as Sat Chit Ananda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss). This Supreme Reality, in Hindu tradition, is also known by the name Brahman or Shiva.

 Shiva is the infinite ocean of all possibilities. In his highest, or primal state, he is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. There is nothing impossible for Shiva – the Absolute.

 The Divine intelligence of Absolute Shiva is far beyond the limitations of the human mind and logic.

 What seems to be impossible for the mind and logic is possible for this Absolute being.

The Absolute is a storehouse of contradictions and paradoxes. This infinite being is not only Supreme Intelligence (Consciousness), but also the Infinite Energy. This Supreme Intelligence-Energy is the very essence of Shiva – his manifesting abilities, his creative nature, his wish-fulfiller, who in the scriptures is called Shakti.

Just as an artist, musician, poet, or lover cannot contain creative energy within themselves, and burst to express it in the form of a beautiful painting, music or poetry, so does the extreme joy, the unrestrained ecstasy, the insane euphoria of the Shiva-Shakti union pour out into the creation process…

 The Universe is created from the ripples and waves of pure excessive joy!

 In the very core of your radiant heart, in the source of all manifestations, in the mysterious sunya (great void) that is pregnant with infinite possibilities and energy, Shiva-Shakti, the supreme energy-intelligence, the very Self of all, is timelessly immersed in an ecstatic, orgasmic, blissful dance of union, totally free, amazed at its own might, soaked in Soma-Amrit (ambrosial nectar), and filled with Sugandhim (sweet smell, fragrance of fragrances). This supreme energy-intelligence splits itself into particles and anti-particles, into the ‘observer’ and the ‘observed’, in the paradoxical, ungraspable by the senses and mind, the infinite ‘singularity.’ From this tireless, effortless, ecstatic dance, Divine knowledge cascades as a flood of love, transforming itself into Para and Pashyanti Vak (Divine Language), sequences of mantras and Matrikas (misunderstood divine mothers – deities presiding over the letters of divine alphabet), and into the sequences of numbers intertwined with sacred geometry. Thus the ‘laws of nature’ – Prakriti – are effortlessly created.

 Trapped in the cobwebs of his own granddaughter – Maya (illusion) – through the identification with a character of his and his Shakti’s own illusory creation, rotating on a wheels of Samsara (repetitive existence), the shrunken into an individual, consciousness of Shiva, gradually learns the truth from the clues; such as the scriptures, words of the enlightened sages, shamans, rishis, gurus, and the revelations of sacred plants and substances, which were deliberately left in the ‘story’ in order to find the way back home.

 Then he overcome fear and self-imposed limitations, rises above Maya with the help of sacred Sadhana (spiritual effort), shakes off illusory conditionings and limitations, purifying his intelligence from the dust of doubts and thoughts, and learns from his own life-force (Prana Sakti) the greatest secrets of reality. He purges himself of the ‘unreal’, spits out all objective limiting knowledge of differences, frees himself from the ‘matrix’ of illusion, and returns home to a true eternal kingdom of bliss-love-joy. He regains the astonishing clarity of supreme consciousness – intelligence, laughs at his own unbelievable divine jokes, wonders at his own infinite might and the absolute freedom to be, to know, to do, to manifest anything and everything effortlessly. Seemingly wandering here and there, Shakti unites with her Beloved Shiva in never-ending, delightful, ecstatic dance of pure love….

 Shiva (the Absolute transcendence, peace that passes understanding) and Shakti (infinite energy/creativity) are one inseparable being. Like heat is the nature of fire and wetness is the nature of water, so the Supreme Intelligence and the Infinite Energy is the nature of Reality. Shiva is beyond the ‘laws’ of nature. He is the greatest outlaw. He is also the very Self of all and is described as vaster than the cosmos yet smaller than an atom, immovable, yet moving with infinite speed, one without second, yet full of diversity and differentiations, far away and yet closer than the heartbeat, in a state of total repose and relaxation, yet filled with the infinite density of energy.

 This supremely intelligent and infinitely energetic (powerful) being is both; non-manifest, formless, spaceless, timeless, attributeless reality, and the creator of all forms, activities, lives, all manifestations and the most minute particles of everything as well.

To describe somehow in a human language this indescribable being, we can try to imagine some of the essential qualities of its primal state.

 First and the foremost is the Absolute freedom!

 The Absolute has no boundaries, no impediments, no objections, no restrictions of body, no time, no space, no gravity, no directions, no restrictions of thought, nor doubt, nor fear, nor taboos, nor any laws…, nothing exists to oppose the Absolute. Nothing is impossible for the Absolute. Everything is possible…

 The next quality of the Absolute is perfect contentment. Because the Absolute is one without a second, nothing exists which is not the Absolute. No desire can arise in the Absolute, because the nature of the Absolute is such that if there was the possibility for a desire, it would be immediately fulfilled without any passage of time.

 Because it is supreme intelligence and infinite energy in a state of the absolute freedom and contentment, the Absolute is filled with unimaginable bliss. It is the source of all joy and ultimate bliss itself. As though surprised by its own infinite power, the Absolute is in a state of perpetual wonder, ever fresh, ever new. It contains within itself all possibilities. Shakti - the infinite energy of Shiva, known at this point as Ananda Sakti (bliss-energy); shining, throbbing, radiating, emanating this bliss, this unconditional love.

 Because reality is infinite, everything is possible. It is even possible to create a substance (matter) out of energy, or pure intelligence. The Absolute is self-sufficient, independent (not depending on anything at all), the sovereign ruler of his Eternal Kingdom of Highest Bliss. 

About the author

Shiva Somadev is a founder of "Kumbhaka Prana Yoga" - one of the most powerful yogic-spiritual technique, which came to Shiva as a series of Divine Revelations. Kumbhaka Prana Yoga synthesizes within itself the best yogic, shamanic and psychedelic practices into the one wholesome system. view profile

Published on April 04, 2020

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