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Journey into the cave


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Papasarantos explores the capacity humans have to make change for themselves after traumatic events or life-altering events occur.

Journey into the Cave uses Greek philosophy to set the tone of this story as the reader is led, by a boy named Angelo, on a path through a cave in hopes of coming out having learned valuable life lessons to carry forth. Papasarantos explores the capacity humans have to make change for themselves after traumatic events or life-altering events occur. How do people consciously become better than they were yesterday? How do children learn what it means to be an adult? Several factors must go into sculpting the mind into something that we, as humans, are happy to call our own individuality.

Angelo does not handle responsibility well and in turn, struggles with relationships and respecting himself. Waking up one day in a dark, unknown place blows his mind. He remembers going to sleep in his bed, but doesn't remember anything else pertaining to the travel here. As he begins to explore the cave he understands himself to be in, he comes upon strange men with beards, white tunics, and sandals and they all have something to tell him, if only he would listen. What each man tells him leads Angelo through the cave and steers him into understanding himself or becoming self-aware of his actions. What will happen when he reaches the end of the cave? How will Angelo have changed?

Papasarantos provides an entertaining middle-grade story, with creativity and originality. The way this story unfolds is quite methodical and provides educational value through the form of philosophical quotes and storytelling. Papasarantos does a superb job of breaking these complicated concepts down into simple ideologies that even the young can understand. While some of these examples seem like they are too much for one child to learn, they are all fundamental values that are started at a young age and can definitely become bad habits very quickly. There are several grammatical errors and issues with sentence structure throughout the manuscript; however, this is an advanced reader copy and may have been revised prior to being published. This story is a very quick read and can be read by any audience. If you are a reader of middle-grade, psychological fiction, or philosophical fiction, you may enjoy reading this story.

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four-star rating to Journey into the Cave by Ioannis Papasarantos.

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I am a life addict, in love with the idea of a future world where balance and respect will find the place they deserve. I believe that this balance is based on the purity of children’s souls and try my best to help them keep it true and believe they can create the best possible future for our world. view profile

Published on July 25, 2020

Published by Pigi Publications

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Genre: Young Adult

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