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Jack's Path


Worth reading 😎

An enjoyable read with interesting topics, has potential and would have been much better with the correction of several features.

This read was unquestionably not one of my favorites, yet it was still considered a good read, full of simplified information and symbology.     

In this novel, follow the main character Jack on his pilgrim of understanding life and death. Disconcerted by severe loneliness as a consequence of his distorted childhood and a merciless twist of fate in marriage life, Jack reaches out to a terminal resort of finding redemption, encountering on the way interesting theological and philosophical discussions.

As a start, the title and the book cover go along well with each other, and I like the art in the book cover. When it comes to the literary style of the author, I was not satisfied with his approach, for it was boring on many instants. It was even repelling sometimes due to its perpetual nature. I think that his style of describing surroundings, emotions, and people was good, yet it was lacking; I did not feel any sort of connection with the characters. Viz, they were somehow null. In that, I see great potential for improvement, because it is would be accessible for the author, with his writing skills, to improve the characters using some details to give them life. Also, grammar wise, there were countless mistakes, especially at the beginning of the book. Errors in punctuation were also eminent, which should have been avoided.

The prologue was interesting, yet I would say it exposed too much of the story, rendering it as boring in the process. After finishing the prologue, which was much longer than what it should have been (with fewer details of course), I could safely expect the main motive of the novel; this removed the mysterious touch, making it somehow boring. I think that keeping the reader wondering about what would happen next, and turning the main character into a mysterious figure, is quite essential when it comes to keeping the story interesting. This was just not here, unfortunately.

The main thesis of the author when it comes to philosophy or theology, especially when it comes to the existence of God, was ambiguous. The employment of different philosophies, manifest in characters such as Tzu, Mara, and others, gave a subliminal indication of what the author is aiming at. I disliked the philosophy being presented indirectly, and I think it was distorted with emotions; I also disliked the prevalent victimized tone.

The main plot required some meat, per se; there were many unnecessary details and very few important ideas. I think that the author did not try to conceal that the main character is a complete reflection of himself, and the story felt more of an autobiography (the main character even had the same name as the author). There were no reasons that compelled me to further discover the characters, and readers usually do not like it when the author is the main character, at least not this evidently. I understand that an author would want to evince him/herself in a story, but I believe that it should be done more indirectly, and not explicitly, for readers would lose interest…

I really like the symbology used throughout the whole story. I also liked how difficult philosophical concepts were simplified for readers; this shows that the author is knowledgeable in the fields of theology and philosophy. Some great examples of that would be the following: the discussion about the metaphorical interpretations of the Torah and the Bible, the philosophical discussion on ethics, and that on the existence of God. Those were the juice of the book, yet they, unfortunately, made up roughly around 30% of what I read.

In conclusion, this read was not bad, and I do see potential in it. I would have preferred it to have less unnecessary details and more interesting discussions. Also, I think it would be much better if the author did not base the whole story on himself. I believe that a fixation of the grammar and punctuation is very necessary. I also think it to be of the utmost importance for the author to clarify his thesis regarding different discussed topics. Good book all in all.

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