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It Never Took


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Hancock shares a volatile account of her youth up into mid-adulthood, exposing her survival of child abuse and mental illness.

Memoirs have such a powerful message in them. The vast majority of memoirs written have some tokens of strength, weakness, sadness, happiness, love and loss which readers can all learn from. These are experiences that someone else has faced within their life or are currently facing and that credibility can make it easier for the reader to relate to the author, making reading the memoir more of an enjoyable experience. Hancock's story is difficult to read due to content and at times, emotions run very high, but these experiences make her message strong and unshakeable. Her story is meant to help others that have faced the same type of trauma.

Terrah begins with her childhood, allowing readers to understand how her parents treated her and her sister. She gives details based on her memories and shares her experiences to the best of her knowledge, giving the reader a sense of her emotions, her fears, and the things that do not make sense to her. Terrah's youth mostly consists of several types of child abuse, to include physical, sexual, and mental abuse. She gives birth at an early age and continues on a path of self-destruction until her third son is born. Then it becomes clear that she needs to find help for herself so that she can promote healthy relationships with her children.

The decisions she faces are life-altering and her diagnoses are completely credible and educational. Through therapy, Terrah learns the true meaning of being a victim verses identifying as a survivor which is transformational within itself. The path to recovery and Terrah's mission as an advocate for child abuse survivors are both highly commendable and the reader can definitely gain insight from this memoir. The writing is beautiful with little to no spelling or grammatical errors which makes it a fluent read. For readers who like biographies or memoirs, you'll want to pick this one up for a read.

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to It Never Took by Terrah Hancock.

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A Hurricane's Yellow Light

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Terrah Hancock survived many forms of child abuse while growing up. She was raped as a young woman, left home early, experienced several failed relationships, and gave birth to three sons, one of whom she gave up for adoption as a teen mother. Multiple forms of therapy helped Terrah cope with... view profile

Published on May 28, 2021

Published by Peacock Proud Publishing

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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