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It Falls Apart


Loved it! 😍

A soft emotional story about love, friendship and growing up - and a really emotional journey for the reader.

As it goes in life, sometimes it's the small and simple things that fill our hearts with joy and right now my heart is full and my eyes are still teary after finishing this YA romance novel.

The story follows Harper, a teen that we meet at a moment when her life seems to be falling apart: her best friend Chloe is moving away, her grandmother – her only family – is falling ill, and Harper might be falling for the wrong person.

The author manages to avoid YA cliches and steers away from the over-used trope of romantic triangles, choosing to focus instead on creating a vivid experience of young love. All of these combined make this book feel like a fresh breath of air. It's a refreshing book in the YA world and the author's writing style is very well crafted, instantly pulling the reader into the story and making it really hard to stop from reading, especially during those heart wrenching moments. I couldn't put this book down even when I had to.

While the story is really simple and somewhat predictable, I did not find that to be a flaw of this book. Plus, the predictability doesn't take away from the emotional side of it at all. It's in this simplicity and predictability that the author makes room for character development; we get some characters that are truly relatable, that make mistakes, that are confused about life and everything else as any teenager is. They are flawed, but they are learning and growing. In one word, the characters in this book are real.

The writing was so good that it simply took me back to my high school years, with the good, the bad and the heart wrenching moments - and this story has a lot of them!

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I'm Andreea, book lover raised in a library by my librarian aunt (and baby-sitter). Books are my favourite gifts to receive and I love to read pretty much everything from non-fiction to new adult, but my all time favourites are fantasy and science fiction.

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Back in 1989, Kate “wrote” her first “book” about a unicorn who eats rainbows. Now she writes from her home in Southwestern Ontario, where she lives with her husband, two children, a cat, a dog, and an ever-rising pile of cherished books. She is rep'd by the irrepressibly brilliant Marlene Stringer. view profile

Published on June 28, 2018

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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