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Isle of Bones: A Nightworld Story


Loved it! 😍

The Children of the Night are back in a race against time to try and save Venice from a new otherworldly menace in this engrossing follow-up

It's been a fortnight since four young Unnaturals, Ayanda, Yurei, Jette and Belle, faced and defeated the fiend in the Doge's Palace and stopped her from ravaging Venice with her army. But as their scars are still healing, a new threat emerges. Creatures as mysterious as they are dangerous emerge from the haunted island of Poveglia, an island that became a mass grave hundreds of years ago.

Stripped of their powers and haunted by past ghosts, our heroes will have to face the most dangerous enemy yet in a race against the clock if they have any hope of saving the city and all its inhabitants again.

Isle of Bones is a great follow-up novella to Children of the Night. I really enjoyed being back in this steampunk Venice and meeting Ayanda, Yurei, Jette and Belle again. Despite it being a fairly short read, it was packed with action right from the get-go, which made me want to turn the pages all the more quickly.

As in the first book, I loved the characters and I really enjoyed spending time with all four, even if it was short! The multiple points of view work really well to help the reader understand and get to know each character, with their traumatic past, their fears and vulnerabilities that really came to the fore in this book and helped me care for them even more.

The narration is beautifully evocative and the settings gorgeously vivid, with an almost fever-dream like quality and an air of spooky mystery surrounding the Island of Poveglia. It is just the right amount of spooky and I can certainly see myself revisiting this during spooky season!

My only issue with this book is that at times I was slightly confused as too many things happened at once, and I had to go back a few times to re-read certain passages to figure out what had just happened. The ending also felt slightly rushed and I would have liked a few more pages to bring the story to a proper close. Still, it was an engrossing read that just flew by and, if anything, was over way too soon!

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Published on April 30, 2022

Published by Quirky Crow Books

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