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Iron Medicine


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"Iron Mediciine" by Richard B. Brady is enriching historical fiction.

"Iron Mediciine" by Richard B. Brady is enriching historical fiction. A beautiful writing style sets each scene with vibrant detail, and is at times poetic. Each sentence is a pleasure to read.

"Sunset's reds and oranges pierced clouds rolling over a silhouetted ridgeline above foothills of grass swaying golden in the wind."

Intricate plot lines weave together a varied cast of characters, from Native Americans, to enslaved people, to fur traders.

It is the early 1800s and a Native tribe is preparing for winter. Warriors, revered elders, infants; all are under a forbidding shadow. when an intruder kills a beaver, his punishment is a quick death and scalping. Gunshots ring out, revealing a new weapon, and a new enemy. Suddenly, the tribe has not just winter to contend with, but also a greater harm: hunters and adventurers.

When two worlds collide, can there be peace? The Native People and strangers; Spanish, French, English, and American, clash. They must either pursue a pact or enact battle. The problems do not end there. Slavery of Africans savagely claims innocent lives. There is no justice for the turmoil the Natives and Africans face. The settings tell the story just as much as the short dialogue.

"The clouds hovered and the winds died away when the first snowflakes drifted down so innocently, but a withering cold accompanied their beauty, forcing captives and captors alike to huddle together, sharing communal warmth beneath multiple blankets and robes."

Although stunningly written, this story lacks the action I felt it needed to push the characters further. Most speech is inner dialogue or author narration, which was necessary since there was a language barrier between the different groups. I think that the multi linguist woman could have been used more to add conversation to the story, to really get the character's motives and personalities out into the open.

I recommend this book as a delightful reading experience for fans of Native American history and alternate tales of western explorers.

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Richard B. Brady has lived in every western state except Oregon and has been a lifelong student of western history, particularly the mountain man era. Iron Medicine is an outgrowth of that interest. He currently lives at the doorstep of the Pacific Northwest rainforest with his wife Diane. view profile

Published on May 13, 2020

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