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Into the Unknown


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A delightful adventure of self-discovery and imagination.

A little boy afraid of the unknown is willing to risk it all to go in search of treasure and finds the greatest treasure of all. The story begins and ends at the boy’s home, but the places he travels in between are quite an adventure. 

This is such a cute and impactful book. It seems simple, at first, but upon a second reading, all the layers are revealed. The illustration is calming and inviting, with colors that aren’t too bright but still warm and comforting. The characters are wonderous and cuddly. I love the facial expressions of the main character. 

The message is astounding. Aside from the overall lesson being taught, there are several other messages to discover when reading between the lines, and they are all good. I can’t wait to share it with my students.

Disclaimer: I received a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Micah dreams of someday being a famous explorer, searching the world for lost treasure. Except there’s one major problem: he’s afraid of the Unknown.

Join Micah as he travels into the Unknown and learns that what you find isn’t always what you’re looking for... sometimes it’s even better.

About the author

Christopher DePietro is the author and illustrator of two picture books, BENJAMIN BEAN’S UNBELIEVABLE DREAM and INTO THE UNKNOWN. He studied at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA where he received a BFA in graphic design. Christopher resides in Marlton, NJ with his wife and three kids. view profile

Published on September 03, 2019

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