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The Inn’s Side has adventure, danger, fun, and tenderness. This wonderful story introduces the reader to Lacob and all of his animal friends. Where does Lacob go?
How does he survive an attack? What is the surprise he returns home with? What is the exciting conclusion? Come along on the journey and learn the answers.


Lacob arose early as usual. His room was the size of a glorified closet, but comfortable. There was enough space for his bedroll and a cedar box for his clothes. From his window, he could see the sun starting to rise over the distant hills. Flip, a fuzzy sheepdog with a bushy tail who was also his best friend, spread out next to him. Lacob quickly put on his tunic, tying a cotton belt around his waist. 

“Ready, boy?” Lacob asked Flip, his inseparable friend, as he knelt and rubbed Flip’s jowls vigorously. Flip licked his face in response and then spinning in circles, jumped up and down, barking all at the same time.

“First the chores, then off to the meadow, all right, boy?” Flip answered with an enthusiastic, “Woof.”

 They trekked down the hall and entered the kitchen. Flip knew the daily routine and was raring to go. Lacob picked up the milk bucket and pulled the door open all in one motion, darting by his mother. As he swept by her as she was holding a bowl in the air, she gracefully pivoted and came to a sudden stop against the table. The mixing spoon flew into the air and landed on the floor.  Frieda, the chambermaid, froze in place, face grimacing as she narrowly avoided a collision.

“Sorry, Mama, Sorry, Frieda,” Lacob yelled,  he grabed a chunk of bread from the table, for breakfast, on his way out the door, tore down the steps and around to the grotto barn door,.

“One of these days,” his mother huffed, a small smile tugging at her lips.

Lacob felt it was his calling to take care of the family animals. Nothing else really interested him. Except for music; like what he heard at Temple or when the roaming street minstrels played. He enjoyed spending time with his animal friends. There were a few boys his age nearby. Since most of them lived on farms helping their fathers in the fields, there was not much time for play. Lacob’s parents, James and Ruth, ran a four-bedroom inn located in their small but growing town. Mama was always busy preparing meals. Frieda, the chambermaid, worked for them, cleaning the rooms and helping his mother as needed. Papa managed the inn and did the shopping at the market. Guests fluctuated, but rooms were normally available to rent.
About the author

Charles B. Carson lives with his wife, Pat, in the small farm community of White Mills, KY. They have two sons and 6 grandchildren. He is a member of two writer groups and has a BS from Urbana University. Besides writing he enjoys woodworking, gardening, painting, music, and photography. view profile

Published on May 04, 2019

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7000 words

Genre: Children's picture books

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