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Indian Summer


Worth reading 😎

If you like classic American gumshoe fiction, you'll enjoy this novel.

Indian Summer is a fun novel. It has all the elements of the classic detective novel - a world-weary, cynical (and clearly attractive) detective, a large collection of pretty women, some eminently dislikeable tycoons - and all set in luxurious, enviable locations - yachts, ballrooms and such.

Earl Town, the aforementioned world-weary gumshoe, is approached by a sexy dame who wants him to investigate what's happened to her boss. It took me a while to work out why any secretary would care that much if her boss disappeared (especially if her salary was still being paid) but clearly, she's nicer than the average office decoration. So off Earl goes, asking inconvenient questions of non-forthcoming New York rich folk, and on the way hobnobbing with their super-glamorous wives, girlfriends and hangers-on. Naturally this proves fraught with danger - and not just from the obvious quarters.

The prose is stylish, the pace is fast, the plot believable and nicely twisted. Earl is maybe (for my taste) a little too predictable: there's nothing about him which doesn't fit the classic mould. The women, also, aren't so much characters as Jessica Rabbits, mainly there for their endless legs, great racks and Farrah Fawcett hair (or that's the way I pictured them). But there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. This is a very competent and elegant detective novel, which conforms closely to genre specifications and does so with flair.

I'd recommend the novel to anyone who enjoys classic detective fiction. I'm not really one of those people - I do like a bit more originality - but for all that, I enjoyed the book and appreciated the author's competence.

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I'm an author but I also read a lot. I do especially like to read books by high quality indie authors, because you often get original and unconventional work which wouldn't have been picked up by the major publishers.

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C. James Brown is the son of a policeman, who has spent the last quarter-century working with many of the world's largest asset managers. His goal is to make writing fiction his final career and for Earl Town to become a regular part of the reader's life. view profile

Published on March 02, 2019

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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