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Imagination: The Secret Nobody Talks About


Loved it! 😍

A motivating read for those craving the revival of their creativity and individuality through the potency of their own imagination.

You will come away from this book with a feast of food for thought. I feel that everybody should take the time to pause and reflect on their own individuality and check as to whether or not their creativity and imagination have been subdued in the flurry of modern life. This book considers how one can break free from someone else's dream and start living your own, avoiding the restraints of television and instead choosing imagination to 'light your creative fire' as the author says, because 'imaginative play is how we learn'. This can be applied to adult life, not just children's. It is fascinating to ponder how differently we experience the world as individuals and that our own perceptions affect our motivations, though processes and often our feelings and therefore wishes. The book explores the variants of what we consider to be "reality" - which is often our predictable routines and habits - and how we are often content with the dull norm. It was especially interesting to read the author's take on the tragedy of coronavirus and how it has opened up an opportunity for people to collapse their routines in favour of a more stimulating approach to life and, ultimately, embracing creativity.

One quote that stuck with me in particular was:

'How often do we think during the day "Oh, wouldn't that be nice?" just to sweep it aside with our next thought and write it off as unrealistic fantasizing?'

There is also an interesting contemplation on Buddhism and the author's thoughts on issues with certain approaches to salvation.

I would recommend this book to anybody wanting to take the first step in their journey to reclaim the creativity they once relied on so heavily for entertainment as a child. You may even find yourself inspired to shake up your own routine and embrace individuality again after reading.

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Hey there, my name is Christoph and I´m an author from Germany. Studying the body-mind since over a decade. Teaching Qi Gong and how to increase your personal Imagination to people. I´m also currently working on a novel. view profile

Published on January 21, 2021

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