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All stories have two sides. Relationships are nothing more than human stories, so they also have two different versions. Perhaps this is why some are doomed to fail.

Icy Roads is the story of a couple who see their marriage differently. Janet is happy, deeply in love with her dream mate, and longs to start a family. Paul, her husband, has realized he should have thought beyond the wedding night. Life, he feels, should not be dull or routine when you are young and wanting success.

An accident causes Janet's marital house of cards to collapse. Was it karma, God, the man behind the curtain or Mother Nature who set in motion the events that night, which would change her life and make her question what forgiveness is all about? How can you forgive the person who has crushed your heart, upended your life? What is one to do when the unequal emotional equation of a marriage is exposed?

Chapter One

“She bought it all, no problem, no promises.” Paul wiggled his phone at her. A wicked grin emerged as he cocked his head and let his hair fall onto his face. He then issued his challenge.

“Now it’s your turn.” He leaned over the console and kissed her neck. “Sell it well, baby.”

Ursula flipped her hair to the opposite shoulder. Her lids covered most of her eyes and a sultry air of open desire radiated from her. She leaned closer to him, inviting more kisses. He complied. Her body arched forward.

“Why wouldn’t she believe you, my dear? You told the truth.... in a salesman kind of way. You had a late meeting... with me, and you are going to a hotel... with me.” She ran her finger along the hair hiding part of her face.

Her voice intoxicated Paul. He moved towards her, but she pushed him back. A little saliva showed on his half-opened lips. Her finger rested on his chest.

“Patience, darling.” Ursula slid her finger down his chest. She stopped at the top of his pants. A devilish grin danced on her lips. She pulled away and hit a button on her phone. Her finger then moved to his lips. He took it into his mouth, but she shook her head. “Don’t make me moan” she paused. “Yet.”

“Hi, my darling love. I’m at Pamela’s still.” She tapped her finger on the console and rolled her eyes. “Yes, the weather is dreadful. I tried leaving her house and can’t even get out of her driveway without sliding.” Her hand clenched her phone tightly. “Yes, I shouldn’t have tried driving, but the car is fine, and so am I. It scared me enough not to try again. Pam wants me to stay here. She’s right. I should. She’s doing okay, darling. It’s the weather, and the thought of me driving in it bothers her. You remember Tate died driving in a storm last year.”

She blew Paul a kiss and shifted in the seat. The glance she gave him told volumes about her yearnings.

“I’ll call you tomorrow before I start home. Yes, darling, I will. I love you too. Bye, my sweetness.”

She hit the end call button and smiled with anticipated pleasure at Paul.

“What should we do now?” She stretched over the console and pressed her hand against his cheek.

He took the hand of his lover and kissed it, gently yet teasingly, and his tongue traced a path from her fingers to her wrist before he stopped. He cut his eyes towards her face long enough to watch her express the eager desire blooming in her.

Ursula drew her body up and leaned her head back. She pushed her breasts forward as if seeking Paul’s chest. He pulled her tight against him. Warmth spread over him in small, ebbing waves that grew in intensity. She slipped out of his arms.

“Dinner first, dessert last.” She suggested a restaurant and a stop at the ABC store.

“I love steak and brandy on a cold night,”

“I‘ll give you whatever you want, my lady.”

Paul pulled her beside him. The smell of her drove him wild, but if she

needed physical feeding first, he didn’t mind. She’d work off the calories in bed. The weather tonight guaranteed them a long workout together.

It was only 5:00 pm when they arrived at the ABC store, but the manager, who wore a badge identifying himself as Roy, was preparing to close.

“Why shut so early?” Paul asked. “You can handle a little snow.”

“A little snow, yes, a little ice and sleet perhaps, but this isn’t a little. The forecasters are predicting it will continue all night and into tomorrow afternoon, my friend. So stock up quickly, please. I want to get home to my wife and hyper, happy children.”

“Is Arnold’s closing early too?” A slight frown formed on Ursula’s face, tan from her previous day’s trip to the salon.

“The word is he sent his staff home already, but will stay open until 7:00 for those who must have his food.”

Ursula clapped her hands and said, “Perfect. We can have a wonderful meal before heading home.”

She placed a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP brandy down on the counter next to Paul’s bottle of Jameson’s Black Barrel Whiskey.

The manager walked behind them to the door and suggested they should head home. “It’s changing from ice and sleet to snow, but that’s still not good to drive in.”

“I grew up in Minnesota. This is nothing for someone like me, Roy.” Paul put on his fake, overconfident salesman cloak. He grinned at Ursula and gave a dismissive shrug to the manager.

Roy looked outside. “I’ve never been there, but I grew up here in Saratoga Springs. I know upstate New York weather, and this isn’t good to be driving in.”

“You’re not me.” Paul winked, held open the door and with a gallant gesture pointed to the waiting sidewalk.

Paul held Ursula tight against him. The brandy had been taken care of, now for the steak, he reasoned, and he steered her down the sidewalk toward Arnold’s. Paul licked his lips in anticipation. After he satisfied her metabolic needs, she could take care of his sexual ones. He looked down at her. Her chestnut hair, her evil teasing smile beckoned him. His kiss was hard, passionate, wet. It left his saliva glistening on her face like a mark claiming her as his property. He squeezed her close as they walked.

About the author

J.L. Canfield, the award winning author of What Hides Beneath, a detective mystery series, resides in Richmond, Va with her two dogs who keep her inspired to write. When she's not behind her laptop, she captures the world with her camera. view profile

Published on May 02, 2019

Published by Black Rose writing

60000 words

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Women's fiction

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