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I Think, I Feel, I Receive


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After the many facets I have lived through in this beautiful life. A life that GOD has allowed me to have and experience humanity as my current self.

Through it all, there has never been nothing more fascinating facet that the one I live now and have learned and continue to learn daily for the past five years.

I have been granted the information contained in this book and one of my life’s purpose is to share this information with you.

Get everything you want and need to live a life that you have only dreamed of. I did, and I never worry about anything again. My only “worries” are: “am I doing enough to help others”.

Life is good to me and I am good back to life, nature, and GOD.
GOD is within you and with you every second of your life.
You are never alone. I MEAN NEVER!


Authors Note: Many sections of this book are transcriptions of channeled information by me and or other conversations with spiritual entities that have crossed over to the spiritual realm and have never left the people they love. These conversations are either channeled via Psychics, Mediums, Psychic Mediums, me or other entities with abilities to communicate with other spiritual realms. Other forms of communications can be achieved by mental imagery via direct requests to Angels, Spirit Guides, or Higher-Self entities. Specific channeled information not done by me, will be identified, and indicated throughout the book. This will include the individual information pertaining to that of the specific written information.

Why this topic: Over the past 6-7 years, I would not miss any TV show that was related to “Paranormal” information from UFO’s to Ghost hunting investigations, and over time I became very knowledgeable with regards to terminology and other background information for all of these types of topics. If I missed it live, it was recorded, and basically did not miss an episode. As you grow a little in age, you start to find more time on your hands since watching regular TV became boring or repetitive. As I was one of the few in

I Think, I Feel, I Receive

the military to use the first internet while in the Navy; things get old pretty fast and surfing online had also become kind of boring.

Around 2011, knowing fully how sick and brutal diabetes had been to my loving Mother; she had already lived through a leg amputation and was nearly half blind and due to her other ailments, I left my home in Winter Haven, Florida and came back to live in my beautiful Puerto Rico. During this time, I dedicated my life to comforting her 24/7. In one of our conversations, I asked her to please give me a sign when she passed and help to me prove that there is an afterlife. She agreed to speak in any first recording I would do about her after her passing.

On October 13, 2015, Mom was in a lot of pain and agony, but wanted to eat one of her life-long poor man’s foods; “arroz con leche” (rice and milk). When she asked for it, I immediately became aware that this was probably her last meal. When I brought it to her, she smiled and thanked me. As she ate; and I later told her it was her last meal and she smiled with a gaze on her face; like if she was thinking; finally, I am leaving. I accepted that this was her last meal; hugged and kissed her for the last time. She died several hours later in the wee hours of October 14, 2015.

On Mother’s Day in May 2016; I headed to the cemetery with relatives and told my sister that I was going to record Mom at the cemetery. Low and behold, within the first question I asked, my mother’s voice appeared in the recording. My elation still lasts almost five years later.

I recently channeled my Mother through Mrs. Denise Ramon, from Texas. This is where my mother described the recording at the cemetery as my “Golden Egg”. She further explained, that even though I am now vibrating as I should; that we should all remember that we are human and that we can make mistakes. Thank you, Mom, I Love You!

Since I need to create a foundation of why and how one can and will receive whatever they desire in their life, I have to touch topics that are part of our lives and at times we just turn our heads and ignore them.


In life there are betrayals that can ruin one’s life, and some can even end ones life. These topics are what gives true meaning to this wonderful life that we are given.

I really wanted to find out why people are betrayed, hurt, killed, ruled-out, over-looked, deceived, misled, racially discriminated, conned and a million other adjectives which can be used to describe our peril, and the peril of billions more around the globe throughout human history.

During the days following Hurricane María, and ever since, I have embarked in completing my life-long desire to know the truth of life.

The emotional fulfillment I have acquired with this accomplishment; no longer allows me to think negative like we humans tend to do all day.

What if now important for me in my life, is to give to others the love and knowledge required so that everyone can have a great life and enjoy this beautiful place that we call home. I have since learned to avoid negative thinking and I have ultimately understood that being happy and living a joyful life by giving and helping other emotional beings, is the reason why I love to live this journey.

What is important is that I teach and show as many people as possible GOD’s LOVE to us all, and that, what she ultimately wants, is that we all live in the oneness with complete Love towards each other, every minute of our emotional existence.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge I give you here. I also hope that this information can assist you for years to come. I ask that our Universe and Source give you all the tools you need to complete your journey on our beautiful planet, our Planet Earth.

I Love You,

Alejandro (Alex) Robles Rivas

About the author

Disabled US Navy veteran from first Gulf War. Served as a Cryptologic Technician and Senior Analyst for 12 years. I finished my bachelor’s degree while in the service. Father of three and Grandfather of three gems. Born in New York City and raised in the City and in my paradise, Puerto Rico. view profile

Published on November 02, 2020

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Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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