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Loved it! 😍

i-Symbiote goes above and beyond to deliver what it says it will.

Upon returning to Japan to investigate her father’s assassination, Áine Nishimura dives into a world of danger to seek the truth and exact revenge on those responsible. In her quest for answers, she finds herself entangled in the affairs of the Yakuza and even more mysterious organizations. 

i-Symbiote was more than I bargained for, and that’s while taking the synopsis into account. As soon as you open the book, you’re overwhelmed with M.J. Hall’s futuristic vision of the world and are only given a taste of what Áine has been through. And, to his credit, Hall makes sure you’re acclimated to his fresh, digital world before the real action of the book begins.

The first several chapters of this book serve mostly to define the main characters and to foreshadow some turns the story will take. I got a little impatient at times, but ultimately I appreciated the time spent dwelling on character interactions as they built the world of i-Symbiote bit by bit. Once Áine begins to seek the truth about her father’s assassination, I was reading as fast as I could to see what clues she found and where they would take her next. 

Some of the twists in this story are easy to guess, and it almost feels intentional! For every foreshadowed progression, two more came that I did not anticipate. I’m not the type to try to guess the end of the books I read, and as more twists and developments showed themselves, I soon found myself surrendering to the story just to see how it went.

i-Symbiote goes above and beyond to deliver what it says it will. Sure, the reader is promised yakuza, cyber crime, and mysterious syndicates, everything anyone could ask for in a science fiction novel… But then the story goes on to deliver so much more. Hall leaves ample material to continue his trilogy with, and I’m more than excited to see where he takes this world and its characters in the future.

To those who love action, I would recommend this book. To those who love mystery, I would recommend this book. To those who can appreciate science fiction, but love a good romantic subplot-- I would recommend this book. For those willing to take the dive, I hope you all will soon be waiting with me for the sequel.

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Published on July 15, 2020

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