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I Heard the Croak of a Raven, the Caw of a Crow


Not for me 😔

Vincent is a man torn between two women and his search for the vortex

Read this for the poetry of the love story between Vincent and Lisa. This is a short tale, in which Vincent tries to get over his drug fuelled and damaging relationship with Margo, an annoyingly self serving character, and work out his true feelings for a long term friend, Lisa.

The repetition throughout the book of him and Lisa calling each other ‘wagon’ and ‘so and so’, and it being ‘their thing’ is both a bit irritating but serves to establish the bond between Lisa and Vincent as a couple to the reader and as this is a first person narrative ensures that the reader sees the transition of his affection from Margo to Lisa.

I read this book in a few hours as it’s relatively short. It’s poetic in its writing style, particularly when Vincent finds the Vortex, an apparent bubble of both clarity and understanding.

The journey to search for the Vortex, initially a thing with no meaning, seems superfluous to the tale beyond being a means to extract Vincent from his own life and provide him with a means for justifying to Lisa that he’s not with Margo.

I found some of the characters unnecessary and there only to provide context to Vincent’s character. I disliked the constant use of full names for the characters. It had the odd effect of disconnecting me from the tale.

Despite being a love story between Vincent and Lisa I never really connected with the characters and had any desire either way about where their relationship went.

Thus would make a perfect story if it sat in a collection of other tales of modern characters (love stories or otherwise), but on its own it seems disconnected.

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Published on January 16, 2020

20000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Magical Realism

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