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I Am Sovereign


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"I am Sovereign" is a book of mindfulness and meditation with science to back it up.


In the Handbook you will discover what it is to be truly free and claim your personal sovereignty as a cosmic being. It offers simple, yet powerful processes to explore and transmute energy and enjoy abundant rewards of vibrational literacy. Using the techniques described in this handbook, you’ll step into a new reality rooted in love and the infinite possibilities of Source. You are the writer, director and actor in your own play. Start designing your reality today.

"I am Sovereign" by wife and husband team Suzie and Simon Heilo is a book of mindfulness and meditation with science to back it up.

Through increasingly complex exercises explained in clear ways, this book teaches the reader how to discover an inner power that will help them achieve greater self-awareness. General acceptance of the world and the ability to manage it are powerful skills to master, and this books lead the way without being overly preachy, sappy, or technical.

"If you want to be fluent in vibration, the first step is to become fluent in your feelings - both your sensations and your emotions." This brilliant observation leads to plans and practices that can be followed to achieve this first step of emotional fluency.

Various forms of meditation are portrayed and exhibited. One meditation is the "Harmonization Meditation. Using the idea of sound vibrations to correlate with psychic vibrations that occur in the human mind-body connection made this "Sacred Body Meditation" easy to understand.

A coping skill was explained and demonstrated. The RARAA plan addresses what to do with unwanted or uncomfortable vibrations. The letters stand for Recognize, Acknowledge, Remember, Accept, and Allow. This set of steps is to be used when negative forces are encountered. Through this, a person can still maintain positive energy.

I am always interested in the mind-body connection, and this book did not disappoint me. I appreciated the clear descriptions of coping skills, the examples of meditations, and the scripted scenes to help the reader envision real people dealing with problem solving. I would recommend this book for people who are interested in mindfulness, coping mechanisms, mental health awareness, and personal connection. The authors have long resumes pertaining to the methods they describe an outline, making them a trustworthy source. This is a book to be read and absorbed slowly, or even re-read back to back, to get the most out of it and to encourage yourself to truly learn from the knowledge within.

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Jessica Lucci is an award winning indie author on a quest to use books to unite society.


In the Handbook you will discover what it is to be truly free and claim your personal sovereignty as a cosmic being. It offers simple, yet powerful processes to explore and transmute energy and enjoy abundant rewards of vibrational literacy. Using the techniques described in this handbook, you’ll step into a new reality rooted in love and the infinite possibilities of Source. You are the writer, director and actor in your own play. Start designing your reality today.



Repeat after me, “I Am Sovereign.”

This book is about you, dear reader. It was designed to help you achieve sovereignty through your own relationship to the energy of creation. In a world that seems to be getting less and less comfortable, understanding this relationship becomes more and more important.

In this book, you will be given all the tools you need to become a force of change for yourself, your tribe, and the planet.

You are designed to be sovereign. To be sovereign is to have the power to design your life, which is really an act of putting things in order. We will explore questions such as “What have I made my Source? Did I make my job my Source? Did I make my spouse my source? Do I see the energy of the Source of life itself outside of me?” Trouble arises when you make anything outside of you your source of fulfillment. Any of the simple examples above would have many cascading effects on your ability to design your life as a sovereign. When your Source is outside of you in any form, you have given your power away. Now you are chasing after fulfillment.

Another big topic we will explore in this book is the nature of reality: what it is and how you actively participate in the creation of your own experience. The good news is that when you understand how it works, you will realize your inherent power to alter it.

The I Am Sovereign Approach is designed to guide you through the steps required to become fluent in the language of vibration. When you understand the language of vibration you access the control panel of physical reality. Through the course of this book, you will come to understand that vibration is a frequency which you can direct through your thoughts. This brings up the next logical question: How do you master your thoughts?

We get the conundrum here. There is an enormous effort to keep you thinking thoughts you are programmed to think through television, phones, education, and your ancestral and religious affiliations. You are constantly being told what to think.

In this book, we will aim to relieve that confusion by educating you on the mechanisms that trigger thoughts and how to work with them. Through understanding yourself, you will come to understand your power to master thought and transform that which is discordant back into alignment with the divine.

If more of us took up this inner work, we could change the world.

Imagine that the energy behind all creation is what we call primal consciousness. We call it that because it is an intelligent vibration that is beyond our current level of intelligence. Primal consciousness is pure life force that is ever noble and honorable, which you are able to send in any direction to manifest anything you think of. If you understand the mechanics of vibration and how it works in conjunction with primal consciousness, then you can apply this understanding directly to your life with real, tangible results.

Everything in your world can be seen as particles of energy bound together and vibrating at a rate that makes them seem solid. Even a rock that appears solid and stable is comprised of molecules, which themselves are comprised of atoms whose electrons are spinning around a nucleus. Atoms are neither still nor solid. At the quantum level, they are made of energy.

Problems arise when you have more faith in the physical manifestation of atoms and molecules than the subatomic energy and primal consciousness underlying them. The vibrational translators you use, your five primary senses, feed you information that seems so real that you can easily forget you are living in a world of vibration—if you ever knew it. Most of us were not taught this information, because it was only recently discovered by science.

All physical reality is consciousness concentrated into form through vibrational frequencies. In your human experience, you direct this vibration through your body, which acts as a resonance chamber for frequencies that mirror the level of consciousness you are demonstrating through your thoughts. When you direct primal consciousness through your thoughts and it shows up as an undesirable personality trait, an unpleasant experience, or a problem in your life, the best course of action is to recognize the presence of the discordant vibration and understand it.

You are learning to direct primal consciousness through your thoughts, and the world seems so real that it is easy to forget that everything is vibrational.

In the world of illusion, nothing is ever permanent. The energy you are playing with is very real, and it will always be noble unless you avoid it or assign it to a separate negative Source, making it toxic. This is what separates you from the abundance, health, connection and peace you seek.

With vibrational literacy, it is possible to live in the magic of being. When you can read vibrations in and around you and align yourself to the force of life, you can painlessly unfold into the unique and exquisite beauty that you are as an expression of the divine.

The cosmic architect (which is really our own selves in a unified state) is only intent on moving each of us into deeper expressions of beauty and wonder. The I Am Sovereign Approach shows you how to trust the cosmic architect’s evolutionary intentions through a deep and honest relationship with yourself. The more you understand yourself and what you are capable of, the more you will understand and resonate with the evolutionary plan and see your role in it.

When we clue into the trajectory of our evolution through vibrational literacy, then we can flow with the plan rather than fighting against it.

By following the protocols information laid out for you in this book, you will realign and recycle old stagnant energy from your DNA, childhood, and traumatic events and in the process, come to know, love, and trust yourself as a sacred emanation of the divine. The more you learn about who you are, the more you will begin to understand what you are capable of. And this, dear reader, is where you reclaim your sovereignty and learn to consciously redesign your life in alignment with your divine purpose.


Become Fluent in Feeling


If you want to be fluent in vibration, the first step is to become fluent in your feelings—both your sensations and your emotions. Feelings are the gateway to understanding the language of vibration. As humans, the ability to feel is our most accurate intelligence precisely because it is how we read vibration. In addition, emotions can affect us in a myriad of ways. Both gratitude and resentment can rewire the brain and change how we interact with the world.

Life is an adventure of feeling. As you become more sensitive and begin to feel more deeply, you radiate more essential energy and have more power to determine your destiny. Your sensitivity may seem too intense at first, but as you realize this is the key to reversing the disappearing life force on this planet, your ability to feel deeply becomes a divine gift that you can wield to build a world rooted in justice and honor. In order to wield that power, you must come to know yourself—even the parts that are immature and destructive.

A client of ours, Amanda, came to us frustrated because she could not find a new job as a paralegal although she had the right qualifications. She would interview at a law firm, sometimes even being invited to come back for second and third interviews, yet the prospective employers always hired another candidate.

After being introduced to the I Am Sovereign Approach and becoming vibrationally literate, Amanda discovered how much of her energy she was investing in resentment. Certainly, she resented not being selected for the jobs she wanted, but as she followed the energy back to its origin, she discovered that the source of her resentment originated in her relationship with her father. Her father was always too busy to spend time with her as a child and she interpreted that as a rejection of her value. Her mind had concluded that she was unlovable, an idea that was unbearably painful. As a defense mechanism, she channeled that pain into resentment.

Because of the magnetic nature of energy, resentment changed both how Amanda perceived the world and how people reacted to her. Throughout her life, Amanda had frequently experienced rejection.

Once she saw the source of this painful pattern, Amanda recognized the presence of the internalized image of herself as unlovable and it was not what she wanted. This was a big step in her process. She owned up to the fact that this manifestation existed and admitted it was destructive. Most of the time we simply avoid our destructive inner attitudes, but when we can directly face one, admitting it is there, this is a huge milestone.

Amanda then acknowledged that neither the rejection nor the image of being unlovable were the absolute truth; both were temporary mental distortions. Oftentimes, we become so intertwined with internalized images picked up during childhood that we have the idea that our self images are the final and absolute truth. You can curtail your spiritual growth when you avoid these painful ideas about yourself.

It is common to have the urge to deny any notion of being unlovable because it so painful that you want to avoid it at all costs. But when you remind yourself that nothing is ever final, that life is an ever-changing phantasmagoria of our thoughts, this can lead you to a deep feeling of relief. At this point, it will be much easier to go forward in your spiritual growth.

Amanda then remembered that the ever noble and honorable primal consciousness was directed by her own self, albeit unconsciously, through the thoughts that her own false image of being unlovable produced.

This is another important step in the Sovereign Self-Treatment System. When you can recognize that no matter how awful a manifestation is—even the image of being unlovable—and that at its essence the force behind the manifestation is always divine, as well as taking responsibility for directing primal consciousness to manifest into a painful experience, then you have found the key to sovereignty.

After recognizing, acknowledging, and remembering, Amanda was ready to accept the vibration of her erroneous, unlovable identity completely. This is where her true transformation occurred.

When you can accept what is without resistance of any kind, it realigns the energy back to the divine essence of primal consciousness. This not only changed Amanda’s life, but it contributed to the betterment of all life.

When you are unconsciously projecting your pain outward (and in Amanda’s case, the pain was resentment), it pollutes the general atmosphere for everyone.

Amanda then allowed love to flow through her personality, filling all the spaces where her identity was intertwined with being unlovable. This reoriented her identity back to love. When she did this, it filled the void where the identity of being unlovable used to be. This allowance was really a surrendering of Amanda’s separate will to the will of love.

As she moved through these steps, Amanda’s need to use resentment as a defense mechanism dissolved, and the energy that had been stagnant in her life suddenly was alive and flowing again and ready to be redirected into a new type of experience. This vibrational shift changed everything. Two weeks later, she reported getting her dream job.

Amanda’s story is one among hundreds of similar stories we’ve heard from people who have used our method with success.


Music Is Vibration


To understand the impact of vibration on us, let’s consider how we are affected by music. Music is a sound wave produced by an instrument or the human voice, whose vibration stimulates the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The cochlea then translates the sound into electrical signals the brain can interpret. We can also feel sonic vibrations viscerally within the body, where music can move us emotionally—in the process giving us a sense of aliveness. We call this effect emotional resonance.

Now, imagine having the ability to change the vibratory resonance of different areas of your life simply by realigning yourself and your creations with the vibration behind all form. Shifting your resonance could make you the master of your reality.

When your reality reflects lack of connection, abundance, health, or wholeness it indicates there is an inaccurate premise operating within your mental framework. With vibrational literacy you feel the resonance of that distortion like it is “out of tune” to the majestic vibration of primal consciousness.

When we fail to heed the out-of-tune resonance, deny it, or worse, say it comes from separate, sinister origin, we are actually contributing to the breakdown of our physical reality. Wars, environmental collapse, corruption, and oppression are all signs of inverted primal consciousness.

Primal consciousness is always noble and honorable. But when we deny, avoid, or insist that our creations come from a separate source, like the devil, it stagnates the vibration. When consciousness stagnates, it inverts and becomes an anti-life force. This is where your access to health, abundance, connection, and wholeness sever. By evading your own mistaken identities, ideas, concepts, and perspectives, you are literally cutting off access to health and abundance for all life.

Once it is free, formerly stagnant consciousness, such as the resentment that had been affecting Amanda, can be reused and recycled back into the universe through the heart.

Your heart is wise. Making these choices is exactly what we are aiming to show you how to do in this step-by-step guidebook.


Limitless Possibilities of Experience


Life is an ingenious feedback loop system that both propels you forward in evolution and instructs at the same time. It is through this feedback loop system that you adapt, look for solutions, and adjust your thinking and change happens. As you encounter a new choice, you must live with the consequences of that choice. Through the experience, you learn something new and adapt how you interact with physical reality. This is how life has refined itself to produce a physical body with a cerebral cortex that provides self-awareness. It is important to realize that your reality is a result of your thinking. It is designed to mirror your thoughts because we all have a godlike ability to create reality through thought.

What you are able to pull into your physical reality will have much to do with what you can imagine, and where your mind wanders. If you can imagine something, then you can pull that into your realm of experience. Every possible experience from the most horrible to the most ecstatic is possible. There are no limits.

There was once a time when people thought the Wright Brothers were crazy to think they could make a metal ship fly. Yet, they could imagine it. Through reason, the study of natural law, deep passion, and desire, they made possible that which had seemed impossible. Flight was feasible for them because their minds were focused on their vision of making a machine that could fly. They were not using their minds to lament or find faults with themselves or others; they were asking questions, finding answers, observing birds, and building prototypes.

The more you understand about how the levels of energy (vibration) work through your thoughts and emotions, and how your thoughts and emotions are mirrored in your experience, the more sovereign power you can exercise.

The concept to grasp here is that your consciousness gives you access to limitless being. And when you understand that you are creating your reality through what you focus your attention on, you become aware of what you allow to have your attention. You understand that it is your sacred sovereign right to determine what gets your attention. When—through feeling—you are alerted to your attention being drawn to a negative point of view, you can refocus, transform, and redirect.

When you find your mind constantly redirecting to judgments, fear, or guilt, for example, then you must observe what is going on within you that keeps directing your mind to fixate on vibrations that will create more of these same experiences. By observing yourself and your perceptions with objectivity, you can come to understand why your negative experiences occur and how to stop functioning on autopilot. You can then metaphorically grab the wheel and start redirecting your life consciously.

To illustrate our point, let’s tell you the story of Robert. Robert came to us after being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a common skin cancer. During three appointments, with both of us working in tandem, we showed him how his lack of self-worth caused his thoughts and intentions to create the experience of cancer. We then showed him how to engage with the discordant vibration of the skin cancer cells in his body and recycle it he could repurpose it for health and wellbeing. After three weeks, his cancer was gone without a trace.

We do not advocate substituting our advice for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatments. The I Am Sovereign Approach is to be used in conjunction with the care you receive from medical professionals.

To reach a level of sophistication in playing with vibrations, it is required to take an inward journey to face the immature and destructive attitudes you have about yourself. Since you are a powerful being whom Source has endowed with creating your reality through thought, how you perceive yourself is of utmost importance. Your perception of yourself influences the thoughts, beliefs, and intentions that are manifesting your outcomes.

When you are afraid to explore the shadows of your mind it is because you have come to identify yourself with some pretty negative images. In this case, most people are convinced that by acknowledging these shadow parts they will become more real. The go-to pseudo-solution is to avoid them altogether. Say you have identified with guilt, for example. Permeating every thought, word, and deed is the vibration of guilt because it is the vector of your orientation to reality. Avoidance is not really possible. And when the vibration of guilt manifests as a mirror that can no longer be denied, you could become paralyzed from your attachment to the idea that “your guilt” is a permanent and final reflection of who you are.

At this point, the vibration of the guilt being mirrored is so painful for most of us that we search for ways avoid the pain by sublimating it into defense mechanisms like projecting it on others, or blaming an outside force or entity for its existence.

Believe us when we tell you that your fear of confronting the hidden undesirable qualities and identities in your unconscious is far greater than the pain of actually facing them. The I Am Sovereign Approach will enable you to observe these shadow aspects without taking them personally. It helps you to respond in the present with mindfulness to the energy of anything and anyone you encounter.

No matter what you have done in the past and no matter what trauma you have experienced, it has nothing to do with who you are now. Memories of regret around painful incidents or injuries are stagnant energy systems caused by your lack of understanding of the principles of vibration. That old, stagnant energy needs to be acknowledged so it will become free to be transmuted through your acceptance of it.

Don’t be hard on yourself. We have been there and figured out a way to offer true sovereignty even in the face of the most challenging situations. It is within everyone’s grasp.

When you are not yet experiencing the manifestation of the life you desire, it is because you have not yet connected your own mental operation to what you experience.

Until you look at yourself closely, you are unconscious of some energy systems that affect you—like systems of energy inherited from your ancestors. For example, you may not know of specific incidents of abuse one of your ancestors endured, such as being tortured during the Spanish Inquisition or being mistreated while enslaved or held captive. However, the energy from someone who survived harsh and traumatic experiences like these could have been passed on to you by your parents in the form of a memory embedded within their genetic code or through behavioral teaching. On an energetic level, it is always there in the background of your life, influencing your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and choices—all of which could enable you to bring this energy to light and reverse its effects and realign the energy through remembering all energy is Source, no matter what it appears to be right now.

Like an abscess in which the pus must eventually find its way out of the infected tissue so it can restore health, the energy of your emotional wounds and unconscious ancestral energy must rise to the level of consciousness for you to mature into the natural, sovereign self you are designed to be. As with the abscess, you can continue to let old energy “infect” you and watch it create more suffering and harm, or you can go in and “lance” it and help it along.

The I Am Sovereign Approach empowers you to be proactive. It gives you a mechanism for transforming the vibration in your energy fields and work the spiritual “muscles” required to master the power of your consciousness. You can step into your sovereignty by consciously directing your energy to build a reality firmly rooted in the frequency of love.

We contend that the material universe is frequency-based and directed by our mental activity—that we all live in a holofractal universe, one where everything we can perceive is a projection of our personal and collective consciousness. This projection is comprised of what we focus on based on our self-conscious awareness. The underlying reality of the material world is nothing (not material), only pure, intelligent, quantum energy that can be concentrated and directed into form.

Through whatever you focus your attention on, you are planting seeds in the garden of your mind that will eventually bear more of the same fruit, but as a physical experience. In this manner, if you plant mental weeds, you get experiential weeds. If you plant a mental peach tree, you will get experiential peaches.

The beauty of the quantum field is that it is unified. Nondual. However, we live in a world of duality because this is how primal consciousness works. It divides itself so it can express itself in physical form just as your body was developed through the division of cells. The trick is to make the natural energy contained in duality work for you, instead of against you.

Note: In this book, we do not advocate using the terms heal, healer, healed, or healing because we believe the idea of healing is disempowering. You are neither broken nor in need of fixing. We prefer to use the terms align, transform, and integrate when referring to our approach to energy. We integrate our fragmented parts back into alignment to the integrity of our whole self. We feel this is more accurate.


The Integrated You


In this book, we would like to help you change from identification with your body to identification with the whole universe. And not just the universe, but the entire field of quantum energy underlying the universe. This unified field is the frequency of love and the very definition of wholeness.

Are you familiar with Russian nesting dolls? Russian dolls are hollow wooden dolls of various sizes that fit one inside the other. When you take the largest doll apart, you find another doll, smaller in size, inside it. These discoveries go on until you get to the smallest doll at the center.

Think of your body’s energy field as being like the middle doll in a set of Russian dolls. You may not know of the bigger energy fields expanding outward from yours, or of the smaller inner worlds, but they are there. And you are a part of the whole set of energy fields combined.

All you need do to become the sovereign of your life is to notice what is obstructing your view of your whole, integrated self, and then to dissolve the obstruction. With that block gone, you gain access to deeper levels of conscious awareness in knowing yourself as the very expression of the divine.

The process we teach in this book will show you how to recognize and transmute undesirable manifestations created through incoherent thoughts derived from distorted self-images, their respective emotions and thought patterns, and all self-limiting attitudes and behaviors. The goal is to have a direct and intimate relationship to the life force through your relationship with yourself. When you know your true identity mastering virtues is not necessary because you find they are inherent. Operating with virtues is really operating with wisdom.

The key is that thought direction depends on how you identify yourself. If your mind is attached to an identification of being less valuable than others, for example, then your mind will be in a feedback loop where your thoughts, beliefs, and point of view will be skewed to that reality. Consequently, your experience in life will mirror the lack of self-value back to you. At this point, you can observe what is being mirrored to you or you go deeper into the identity of being less valuable and isolate to avoid the feelings keeping you locked in that reality. Each iteration of that feedback loop cycle gets more intense until it forces you to deal with it. When any of us can recognize that the universe is frequency-based—meaning, directed by consciousness—and that the only limitations on us are the ones made through the images we hold of ourselves within our minds, then we become free and empowered.


The Power of Recognizing Your Value


As you engage in the process outlined later in this book, you will come to realize that the vibration responsible for your eyesight is omniscient. You literally have a god looking out from your eyes. Anything that captures your attention is getting an audience with the very substance of creation. When your identity is wrapped up in love, then your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and perspectives will be from the viewpoint of love. Then you concentrate primal consciousness into manifestations emanating from love. When you identify yourself as love then your thoughts, ideas, perspectives will emanate from love and your life will reflect loving qualities like health, connection, abundance, and wholeness.

The human body is the accumulation of billions of years of evolution. Your body is a vehicle capable of housing quantum energy as consciousness in physical form. The more aware you are of yourself as the center of expression of the Absolute (Source), the more you will recognize the importance of redirecting your thoughts that have originate from attachments to particular identities.

We must point out that sovereignty is a committed lifestyle choice. Anyone who tells you can evolve instantly is either deluded or attempting to delude you. It takes time to observe yourself and, through reason and understanding, to fully recognize your true identity as Source. What drives this process to unfold faster is the intensity of your desire. Desire full of emotion is the most powerful force in all creation. If you truly desire something, and you put emotion behind it, it comes into manifestation much faster.

When you are a sovereign being, someone fluent in the language of vibration, you will feel misalignments when you encounter them in real-time. As you become adept at the I Am Sovereign Approach, you immediately recognize that no matter how horrible a current manifestation may seem, it is not final; it is a temporary distortion created by a flawed idea, concept, or perception that caused a crystallized identity. Then, honestly acknowledge that the manifestation is undesirable. Remember that the primal consciousness that was directed into manifestation through your own mental orientation is ever noble and honorable in its essence. Then accept it unconditionally, observing what happens as you do so. You will see that this shifts the vibration back into alignment to the original noble properties of consciousness.

Finally, allow the vibration of love to filter through your personality reorienting your identity back into union with love.

 We use the acronym RARAA to describe the process Recognize, Acknowledge, Remember, Accept, and Allow. We use this to transmute undesirable manifestations like false identities, judgments, fears, labels, and self-condemnation back into alignment with primal consciousness.

There are times when we use an alternate process, Recognize, Accept, and Honor, or RAH. We use this to open the energy to gain access to the information it contains and to amplify a vibration like gratitude. You can also use it to transmute energies from “How much energy and consciousness” questions. You will encounter these questions later in the book and in your self-treatment practice. Don’t worry, we will guide every step of the way.

As you become fluent in the language of vibration, you become a walking energy recycler and creator of experiences in alignment with love. So, imagine if 100,000 people or a million people, or a billion, were doing the same. We could quickly change the nature of human affairs on our planet, building societies with more compassion and less conflict, and responding appropriately to crises like climate change.

Another benefit of being fluent in the language of vibration is that you can sense an untruth with 100 percent accuracy. Truth is in alignment with love. If a thought is not truthful, it has a discordance to it. You will recognize misaligned thoughts like you would hear a musical note that is out of tune.

To become fluent in the language of love, you must slow down long enough to observe and accept the parts of yourself that are out of alignment with the truth of your essential Self. Often, misalignments are the result of emotional wounds you gained as a child. These old wounds, typically fracture off and form separate identities, remaining childlike. When you can observe these misaligned parts of yourself, you can support your inner child to mature and reintegrate with you. Integration, alignment, and transformation are what you will experience on your journey to sovereignty.

Observation and acceptance are necessary steps to become vibrationally fluent. When you skip these steps, then the wounded and traumatized aspects of you become a point of reference for who you identify as. They beget your thoughts and beliefs about life and lead you to make choices from a limited point of view. It’s difficult to feel vibrations as long as you are busy cutting yourself off from feeling your wounds.

Here’s an illustration. A middle-aged woman named Linda experienced emotional abuse as a child. Because of this abuse, she accepted the identity—projected on her by her abuser—that she was worthless. Feeling worthless caused Linda pain, so, to cope, she turned down the volume on her feelings. By adulthood, she had become accustomed to this compromise of feeling less while identifying as worthless. She found herself attracted to abusive, narcissistic men whose treatment of her forced her to feel extremely repressed emotions. The energy of the trauma she experienced as a child had been pushed into her unconscious. But because this energy was not in alignment with the vibration of love and not the truth of her essential nature, it “wanted” transformation.

Linda’s energy “needed” her to know that her unworthiness was false, so it was influencing every choice she made in her life. For sure, Linda could have stayed in avoidance of her feelings her whole life. But if she did not address her pain, she would continue to make choices that would bring her into contact with her feelings about the trauma she experienced as a child. Ultimately, it was far easier for her to go within, observe what was there, and consciously transmute the energy.

After taking our class on being sovereign, we are happy to report that Linda has aligned herself with love and now enjoys a healthy and loving relationship.

The Royalty of Being

Throughout the book, we will guide you to check with your heart. Your heart will never lie to you or point you in a false direction. It is the signpost of your individual truth, not of truths you adopted. The wisdom of an ageless and infinite intelligence is anchored in your heart.

Come with us on this journey to meet your infinite and omniscient self, the self that lives behind your heartbeat, the self that has no beginning and no end. Learn to choose how to direct energy to change your reality consciously. Neutralize the energy of the layers of trauma from your childhood and your ancestors who lived through such events as wars, famine, pestilence, religious purges, and economic downturns and start creating a world of love in infinite varieties.

This book teaches you a self-realization process that uses your mind, your heart, and your body to empower you to move beyond the matrix of limitation based on the fear and self-judgment that cloud the minds of most of humanity and interfere with our fulfillment. The I Am Sovereign Approach, as outlined in this book, is designed for the solo practitioner. We also train people to become certified practitioners and teachers of this method, guiding individuals through the experience. In either case, personal sovereignty is the intended outcome.



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Simon and Suzie Heilo, coauthors, cofounders and codirectors of training of the I Am Sovereign Approach, are psychospiritual counselors on the cutting edge of the complementary health scene in Europe. They currently reside in Bremen Germany. view profile

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