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I Am Sovereign


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"I am Sovereign" is a book of mindfulness and meditation with science to back it up.

"I am Sovereign" by wife and husband team Suzie and Simon Heilo is a book of mindfulness and meditation with science to back it up.

Through increasingly complex exercises explained in clear ways, this book teaches the reader how to discover an inner power that will help them achieve greater self-awareness. General acceptance of the world and the ability to manage it are powerful skills to master, and this books lead the way without being overly preachy, sappy, or technical.

"If you want to be fluent in vibration, the first step is to become fluent in your feelings - both your sensations and your emotions." This brilliant observation leads to plans and practices that can be followed to achieve this first step of emotional fluency.

Various forms of meditation are portrayed and exhibited. One meditation is the "Harmonization Meditation. Using the idea of sound vibrations to correlate with psychic vibrations that occur in the human mind-body connection made this "Sacred Body Meditation" easy to understand.

A coping skill was explained and demonstrated. The RARAA plan addresses what to do with unwanted or uncomfortable vibrations. The letters stand for Recognize, Acknowledge, Remember, Accept, and Allow. This set of steps is to be used when negative forces are encountered. Through this, a person can still maintain positive energy.

I am always interested in the mind-body connection, and this book did not disappoint me. I appreciated the clear descriptions of coping skills, the examples of meditations, and the scripted scenes to help the reader envision real people dealing with problem solving. I would recommend this book for people who are interested in mindfulness, coping mechanisms, mental health awareness, and personal connection. The authors have long resumes pertaining to the methods they describe an outline, making them a trustworthy source. This is a book to be read and absorbed slowly, or even re-read back to back, to get the most out of it and to encourage yourself to truly learn from the knowledge within.

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Simon and Suzie Heilo, coauthors, cofounders and codirectors of training of the I Am Sovereign Approach, are psychospiritual counselors on the cutting edge of the complementary health scene in Europe. They currently reside in Bremen Germany. view profile

Published on March 27, 2020

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