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Schivley has created an epic fantasy world and his story reads like a Young Adult dystopian novel.

In a fantasy world very different from ours, people in the cities of Reysa and Gartol are not born; they float down a river as babies into the care of either city, each with a very different culture. Both cities have guardians with special powers to protect their city and to wage war with the other. After the Eighth Great War, nearly all of Reysa‚Äôs guardians went missing and seem to have missed their chance for rebirth. The people from Gartol rule the Reysa with little or no compassion ‚Äď until three kids begin an amazing adventure.

This is a very interesting first in a series! Schivley has created an epic fantasy world and his story reads like a Young Adult dystopian novel. Epic fantasy can often delve deep into descriptions and backstories, where their relevance to the story is somewhere between pertinent and trivial. This book reveals information only when needed, and allows the world to unveil its mysteries only as our heroes encounter new obstacles.

Aside from the adventure story, the method of babies coming down in baskets on the river is intriguing. The people of this world know that the river starts in the land of the gods, which is high up in a mountain range so steep that no one has made it and returned to tell the tale. It is hopefully a mystery that is resolved in later instalments, which I look forward to. It is tempting to assume that a world would not function with the mechanics laid out in this story, but I think the inconsistencies are really clues of what lies deeper within the series.

As a Reedsy reviewer, I got a free copy of this book to review. I’m under no obligation to write reviews, but like Billie Eilish says, it’s my strange addiction.

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Nathan Schivley is a first-time, independent author from Columbus, Ohio. He is a husband, father to three wonderful children, and fan all of things fantasy and science fiction. His debut novel, Hyperion's Shield is the first book in the epic fantasy series, The Scales of Torma. view profile

Published on May 15, 2019

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