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How to Start Conversations and Meet People


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Perfect for the shy introverts who need that helping hand to get themselves out there!

I found How to Start Conversations and Meet People both a good read and very practical. Being able to talk to people is such an essential skill to get your point across, your opinion heard, or even just your coffee order. Joanna Mark recognises this as not only an important aspect of living but also something that, once mastered, can change your entire outlook on yourself and your life through developing better relationships with people and even forming new ones you couldn't imagine living without.

The book stresses important features of changing your social habits from awkward and introverted to confident and extroverted enough to carrying a conversation with a total stranger. The importance of mindfulness, shifting mindset through adopting certain social habits to replace the bad ones and how to be more mindful are discussed and exercised in a fantastic combination of step-by-step formats and tables for the reader to identify and try out for themselves. I also love how the author utilises their own experiences with shyness to prove that her methods have proven to be hugely useful in certain scenarios, especially concerning relationships.

I quite like the section talking about how goals are not for the long-term. She discusses how we as a society focus too much on achieving results and not the personal growth that has come with it through the journey to get there which ultimately provides you with a better result than the one you planned. Yet, when you focus on achieving more confidence in speaking, that sticks with you and really can be long-term if you keep it up as a positive habit!

There are plenty of great take-aways that I found in this book because it doesn't just tackle the issue of talking confidently, but also body language. Smiling is a useful aid when wanting to get on the right side of somebody new but it also encourages the speaker to talk a little more charismatically. As somebody who wrestled with intense glossophobia for quite a few years, I really enjoyed this encouraging and positive approach to improving your own mindset by making an effort to improve how you handle conversations. Introverts and fellow shy folk, I implore you to pick this book up!

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Growing up, Joanna Mark was super shy and awkward. But as she moved five times for her career, she began to develop better social habits that helped her create connections. It is through these connection with people where she gained insight on happiness and love that she wants to share with others. view profile

Published on August 19, 2020

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