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How to Raise a Superhero: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Raising Brave, Considerate, Active, Happy, Inquisitive, Cool, Bright, Independent, Powerful, Awesome Children.


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Grutzik reminds us that you can be a purposeful parent, you can raise superheroes and in that way you can save the world.

"HOW TO RAISE A SUPERHERO" reminds me in many ways of Bob Goff's "LOVE DOES." Both authors and subject matters revolve around how to demonstrate love, and both have a folksy "everyman" tone that make them relatable and enjoyable to read. Ultimately they have a simple message at their core: Love is about deeds and action, not words. "What you say has very little meaning. I don’t care about what a person says to me. I judge a person by his actions," Grutzik writes.

Grutzik introduces himself as a latecomer to parenting after spending years as a vagabond and then an engineer. Ultimately he applies his life to answering "how could I take a fragile loaf of phlegm and help it develop into a powerful, charismatic, empathetic human?"  

The lessons of "HOW TO RAISE A SUPERHERO" are timeless, and they are good reminders for a parent or anyone to inspect their personal values. "I see guys fumbling to reinvent solutions to problems within their families that are thousands of years old," Grutzik writes.

These aren't always the messages we get about how to be happy and successful through media. So Grutzik decided to "start with the product—the idea of having a happy, successful family—and reverse engineer a solution. Instead of working my whole life to make enough money to be able to buy the time I would need to form better relationships with my kids, I could just spend the time I had now to make better relationships with my wife and my kids." With each chapter, Grutzik shows how this played out in his life, and how others can learn from his experiences, mistakes and lessons.

Grutzik reminds us that you can be a purposeful parent, you can raise superheroes and in that way you can save the world.

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Joe Grutzik is a happily married father of two very happy, successful kids. He is a retired engineer, a baker of bread, a burner of meat, a skier, a sailor, and an author. view profile

Published on December 01, 2018

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