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How To Break the Stress Habit - Your No Nonsense Guide To Eliminate Stress From Your Life. For Good.


Loved it! 😍

No nonsense, straight to the point guidance on how to set yourself free from being bogged down with worry.

The book is so conversational in tone it is almost as if you have the author right in front of you telling you how it is. I love the straight-forwardness of it all, there really is no beating around the bush with this guide to beating stress. It is not about managing or coping, it really does center on quashing fears and emotional burden. I found it very thought-provoking, as relieving yourself of bad habits such as over-thinking or over-worrying really does allow you to have more productive, happier free time. The book is packed with affirmations, inspirational quotes, informal language and plenty of motivational optimism for the reader. Even at the very end of the book, the author has included some brilliant illustrations with positive quotes and affirmations for the reader to remind themselves of what they are dedicated to achieving.

The author certainly expresses some interesting opinions and theories on how and why people allow stress to become a part of their lives. Money, relationships and work tend to be the main contributing factors here. The idea of metaphysics is discussed to help explain how people can overcome their bad habits physically and even spiritually. The book also stresses the importance of self-affirmations when it comes to restoring confidence and breaking bad habits. I especially liked the three columned sheet provided for readers to apply what they have learned in a proactive manner, where they can write down their triggers, thoughts, affirmations and mantras. These are great resources and I would recommend this book to anybody wanting to tackle their obsessive stressing head on.

Despite the fact that there is a lot packed into this book in terms of lessons, activities and content in general, the book is actually quite brief and does not take up much of the reader's time. So there is no excuse after reading it for you to not get on with life with a fresh attitude towards taking control of your bad habits!

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Over the past 20 years I've studied Metaphysics, applied its principles transforming my life, and obtained a Masters degree in Metaphysics. I found myself to be a complete selfmaster nerd. Now, I'd like to empower you to advance the quality of your life. Master it. And live free from burden. view profile

Published on September 19, 2020

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