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Mc Coy's How To Be Successful is a book destined to be read multiple times by many individuals.

How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader authored by M. Curtis McCoy is an inspirational page-turner. Mr. Mc Coy's fourth published book offers a rare opportunity to encounter an impressive and diverse set of individuals who you most likely would not meet in the scheme of your extraordinary or mundane life. How To Be Successful is a collection of short biographies and interviews with individuals with trailblazers' mindset.

Mc Coy lays bare the steadfastness, and the loneliness needed to achieve a measure of success. His fresh perspective on the curse that raw talent can be is quite instructive. His book offers a male view of what real success looks like and a roadmap to the destination shared by persons who have made the journey.

One of my favorite interviews was the interview with Eric Payne. The mild humour emanating from Eric was refreshing and infectious. One of the many questions that Mc Coy poses to his stellar interviewees was, "Are there any books you've read more than once? Why?" I was quite surprised by the number of persons who admitted to rereading some similar titles multiple times. I was surprised as rereading a book is something I rarely do unless I have to write an exam or essay on the text.

Individuals who relish reading positive, motivational stories with substantial biblical references will be most at home with this text. The book reels the reader in with its conversational style and well-edited content. It rehashes familiar truisms that made many generations of human beings the thoughtful, respectful, and focused citizens globally that they emerged to be. One such truism that I learned at an early age and stuck with me throughout my life was this one, "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." I fondly remembered being taught this quote by my mother, a primary school teacher.

Mc Coy's How To Be Successful is a book destined to be read multiple times by many individuals wanting to pull themselves out of lethargy and into the realms of actively pursuing their dreams.

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Published on June 13, 2020

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