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How the Universe danced with the Sun and Moon


Not for me 😔

Fantastic concept for a book. A story of Black community and philanthropy is one we should all read and embrace.

I received an Advance Reader Copy of How the Universe Danced with the Sun and Moon by Jawanza Wilson. I selected it because the synopsis sounded incredible and I love the author's mission to create more stories about Black philanthropy and community - something that's so lacking in much of modern literature.

Wilson has the making of a truly fantastic story here and one that, when executed a bit better, will make for compelling reading.

I found the version of the book I read to be disjointed and a bit chaotic, at times hard to follow. A few sentences cut off mid-way through (or, at least, they seemed to), it felt like there were some missing scenes to tie the story together, and I'm unsure of the purpose of some of the scenes and characters.

The in-depth martial arts scene with Mayruhk was, in my opinion, a bit too technical for a reader without any kind of martial arts training. I was also curious if James would have a larger role in the book - but that was the last we saw him.

I'd also love if there were more scenes dedicated to creating and setting the larger, more impactful scenes. For example, when Mayruhk and Josiah arrive at their job interviews - how did they get there? It seems like they were just... all of a sudden there. Also, who is Jamal? It seemed like he was in the story for no reason.

When Wilson was writing at his clearest, How the Universe Danced with the Sun and Moon was beautiful, thought-provoking, and powerful. I don't doubt that with further edits, the story will be one to read and recommend to everyone.

The overall purpose of the book is around Black community and philanthropy which was evident in later chapters (though getting there was a journey). Wilson sets out with this goal and though he does achieve it, I feel this story could go through a few edits and additional content. (Also, the version provided still contained editing notes from the editor at the last pages - all of which I agree with!)

I'd love to re-read and re-review if and when this happens! There is genuinely such a good story here, I would love to see it fully developed.

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About the author

Jawanza Wilson is a newly established author with a goal to create influential characters of African descent and unique storylines intertwined with African American culture. A New York City native and later raised on Long Island; he aspires to use his skills to enhance the African community. view profile

Published on September 23, 2020

20000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Action & Adventure

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