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Hoshi no houseki - Star Jewel - Volume 2


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The Goddess Investigation Club tries to solve the mystery of an attempted kidnapping while taking part in a series of challenges at school.

In the second volume of Hoshi no Houseki, we are reunited with The Goddess Investigation Club. The story starts right after the end of volume one. After being separated during the attack at the Game Center, Jun managed to help Riko escape from the men in suits trying to kidnap her and they hide during the night at Jun’s house. Riko seems to be out of danger for the moment, but a million other questions have arisen: who were the men trying to kidnap her? Why did they do that? And what did they want to do with her? To make things worst, the Game Center has burned out. And yes, that means poor Yuuji can’t play his favorite arcade games, but is it really a coincidence that the building was reduced to ashes after they were attacked there? Was there any connection between the two events?

During this volume the story takes a slightly darker tone. We still get some funny moments with the gang, but the focus of The Goddess Investigation Club changes from trying to understand what Riko is and finding out about her past to trying to decipher the events of that last night and investigating who wants to harm her. For the most part, I did like the difference in tone, but I do feel like it made the reading a little bit slower than the first book.

At first, the writing style felt too different from volume one and I couldn’t get myself to be completely immersed in the story. After reading a few chapters, though, the writing got more consistent and I enjoyed it as much as I did on the first volume. The description retains the cinematic feeling that I liked so much about the first volume, making me feel as if I’m experiencing an anime in a new way. Rosuuri continues to surprise me with their art throughout the book, and this time they had me salivating at the gorgeous illustrations of food and sweets. The challenges and games gained life through their art and it made the slightly more serious undertones of the volume have a nice balance with the fun and quirky events of the gang. Once again, I found myself going back through the pages to see the illustrations and look at the details I’d skipped as I read the story.

Although the story of the first volume grabbed me faster than this one, I’m still looking forward to volume three of this adventure so I can see how the crew faces the big game tournament. Readers who liked the first volume are sure to love this one as well. (3.5/5 stars)

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Miya Martin has written a variety of short fiction, video game scenarios, humor essays, and nonfiction. The Hoshi no Houseki series is her first foray into long-form fiction. She has a degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures, and is a regular consumer of anime and manga. view profile

Published on June 22, 2020

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